PTCL the swindle downgraded my package without informing me

PTCL cut down my speed in half. They downgraded my package from 4mb to 2mb. Upon inquiring they say well you are on a reasonable line but bla bla.. give me snr and statistics after providing them that 3 different times a guy probably from the exchange called me and said actually you have to apply for a downgrade because your "copper" line doesn't support 4mb. BULLSHIT. I have been using 4mb for a year and a half (sometimes with line issues) but all in all why the #$%# you downgraded my package u lil #$%#. He was like 'well yeh line would've been okay thn but now its bad.. #$%# off (not literally, but he was dismissive) and downgrade"

i live on the internet u dicks my youtube ain't working i can't watch movies online, i can't watch educational stuff... i can't watch XXX.. Should i goto nayatel am kinda 24 hours user they have usage limits which scare me. Can any nayatel user tell me if they had to deal with usage limits or are they too high to be ignorable? thanx

Why don't you ask them to switch you from copper to

ONU fiber-optic ?.

I had a similar problem. My SNR used to be -6 to +6

and attenuation was 50db. After switching to ONU my

SNR is 30+ and attenuation (would you believe it) has

dropped down to 4.

If PTCL has 'officially' determined that your copper is

unfit for 4MB package, then you can get a waiver from

their office and they will convert your line to fiber totally

free of cost and your landline number will remain the

same as well.

Good luck.

Sheikh '4MB K Lashkaray' Chilli

in many places ONU is not available like my area is still uncovered