PTCL stupendously slow!

I live in Pindi (Gulrez area) and PTCL, for the last so many weeks, works slower than my telenor internet (literally - I'm not joking).

During the day, it's fine. In the afternoon, it's not good. At night, it's horrible.

I did a speedtest a short while ago - and the speed I got was around 25KB/s incoming (this is with a Speakeasy test server; other servers worldwide give a similar performance).

I've tried restarting the modem (and getting a new IP) - but nopes.

Oh - and don't tell me to change my DNS servers cause it improves the speed. It doesn't. And I already have them changed.

I'm hoping Firecruz will be able to look in to the problem and sort out something. Off and on, the internet just vanishes at times for a few hours at end.

Oh - and FWIW, I have Smart TV - and while that's had its share of problems, I don't have that many problems any more (the picture streams fine). It's just that the internet refuses to work. And my line margins et al are good (cause if they were horrid, my TV wouldn't work either).

Witribe + Nayatel's singleplay combo aren't entirely feasible for me (unfortunately) cause of the cost :'(

I am also getting fluctating speed. At night torrent shoots up to 90kbps and at day it doesnt go past 15. I heard they have upgraded their system which hasnt worked out.

Talk about an upgrade!

I have noted a trend: websites across the Pacific and Atlantic don't open up well. European websites open up fairly fast (speedtests reflect that). American websites? Hardly! (unless they're mirrored).

I tried doing a speedtest with a Singaporean website. Just as slow as the American ones. Even Egypt won't load properly!

Can someone else confirm this please?

I live in Gulrez and have smart tv too. I don't have the slow browsing issue though. Although it was down for a whole day few days back and browsing has been a bit slow on and off.

What's your gateway in the router? Might be a specific DSLAM.

NO WAY!! Another person from Gulrez? This is cool! :P

Okay. Enough with the moment of ecstasy. My gateway is

Today, it seems the speed picked up a bit - just a little bit. Pakistani and European websites work fine for the most part - Asian, African, South and North American websites are teh troublesome ones (translation: the rest of the world is giving me problems on PTCL). I barely get half the speed (for both uploads and downloads). Grrr...

Are you using the Huawei modem? What speed have you subscribed to?

Or maybe it's the phase I'm living in.

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NO WAY!! Another person from Gulrez? This is cool! :P


Haha. Small world. That’s what my reaction was too.

It appears we’re on the same gateway at least. Now assuming that means the same DSLAM, I am not sure why it could be that slow for you. I am using a tp-link wireless modem that I bought for MBL DSL earlier. The package is 4mbps with smart tv.

Do you have the problem only downloading via HTTP or does the problem apply to torrents too? What are your line stats like?

Gulrez exchange sucks though, I must admit. My port is limited to 5mbps so I can’t really get full download speeds when I the smart tv is on too. Anyways, if the problem is in torrents too, you might want to try a “port refresh”. I usually bug this guy named “Qaiser” in the DSL dept. in the exchange (he’s the same guy that does DSL installations around here).

HTTP, single-stream downloads. Download managers work fine (cause they're multiple, concurrent streams). Sometimes, streaming suffers. Sometimes, web pages suffer.

Thanks for letting me know about Qaiser - I'll ask him on Monday. I keep forgetting their telephone number... it begins with 5509, I think... forgot the rest :P

If you've subscribed to 4MB w/ Smart TV - then your port should be syncing at 4MB + 2.5 MB for TV = 6.5 MB (or rounded off to 7MB). CLEARLY, there's some deficiency.

Oh - and here's a website that downloads just perfect in the mornings and till noon, but slugs off really, really bad in the evenings/nights (you need to use a download manager to get full speeds otherwise leave it overnight at the sluggish speed)


(get any file off the thing - and you'll have an idea).

It's got something to do with the time-of-day thing at PTCL, from what I've seen. It's really bizarre!

Edit: it seems I can't even access my bank's internet banking website! Can anyone access properly? I can enter the login, but when I get to the screen to enter the password, the page doesn't finish loading. Ever. There's this never-ending loading taking place. Not a cache issue cause FF reports the same problem (and I don't use FF). Could you check if it works on your end as well? It's either a PTCL problem or an HBL prob.

I have come across the keep loading forever issue too. It appears the DSLAM is being hammered and unexpectedly closing connections or a packet loss is in place. Apparently, it's not just you anymore. Browsing is a mixed bag atm and it's got nothing to do with regions. Sometimes your requests are answered timely and other times it takes a while before data is transmitted.

Try pining the gateway with 100-200 hops and you will see the response times to be from 40ms - 150ms. Something is definitely wrong at the exchange.

Streaming is also very slow.While streaming on youtube,the majority of vidoes doesn't stream properly have to pause it from 10 times ..DU meter shows the speed hovers around 20 to 40KB/s.Ptcl's speed is effected throughout the country not only in specific areas.

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Try pining the gateway with 100-200 hops and you will see the response times to be from 40ms - 150ms. Something is definitely wrong at the exchange.


I’ve gone up to 1000ms! But yes - there’s quite a bit of fluctuation - it’s not consistent on ANY speed.

Ugh. If only…

my modem page is showing 832 downstream and 512 upstream rate on 2MB connection. that explains the slow speed. i guess something is going-on on the back end.

i live near 502. on the ONU network.

i wasnt even getting successful pings till i changed to an open dns service.

its much better now. but downloads and everything else is still slow. Esp http downloads.

Hi friends....what is wrong with ptcl ??? the browsing is so messed up since days now and it keeps going on and minute the browsing is fine and the next no site opens and it gets stuck etc

Yeah, PTCL DNS is failing but who uses PTCL's DNS anyways. But if you're using it, it's high time you switch to google dns or something.

I am using Google DNS and every thing works fine. Reverted back to PTCL's this morning and even wasn't opening.

I stopped using PTCL's DNS quite sometime back. And - as I said in my original post, changing the DNS does not work!

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Witribe + Nayatel’s singleplay combo aren’t entirely feasible for me (unfortunately) cause of the cost :’(

Hey man what package are you on? do you use their telephone facility? and what is your total monthly PTCL Bill? (Including tax etc)

PTCL's 1Mbps + Smart TV is what I'm on.

What I wanted: Nayatel's singleplay (2000 install + 7000 V-ONT + 1000 subscription for 3 months) (analog only, no digital) AND Witribe's 1Mbps (15GB).

I've never used Nayatel before, nor do I know anyone who uses Nayatel's telephone facility.

PTCL is slow on and off a lot these days for most areas in the northern region. But you're being affected more due to couple of reasons:

1. High pings to local gateway - local gateway messed up, i.e.

2. 1mbps - things get stuck but reload loads 'em pretty quick so it's not as painful on say 4mbps vs 1mbps.

3. Routing is messed up for most routes. If you traceroute even, you'll see it goes to LHR PIE first, then has two hops on RWP PIE and finally goes to KHI PIE. It should route directly via RWP -> KHI PIE in 2 hops and NOT in 4 hops - definitely not via LHR.

Why do you want to get Nayatel single play? If you can live without pause/rew/fwd, you should get Sun TV. Personally, I am thinking to get rid of PTCL's smart tv - not worth the price at all.

P.S. I have last used wi-tribe about 12 months ago in Gulrez and it was pretty good. I shifted to MBL DSL (for gaming) + EVO later on and EVO worked pretty cool except + 50ms higher latency than DSL.