PTCL Strike Updates

Dear users,

i try to update you people on strike in this thread and will update this post#1 for any changes!

Strike started on 17th August with pre-history of some more duration!

Status: Strike is offically over

but staff is still in confused state!

Ending date: God KnowZ!

Details: (optional)

PTCL after 5 years thought for once to increase the salaries of employees after constant requestions and petitions and whatever you say. Which was done in an ethical way. Now the situation is complex like hell for both sides!

In short they inreased around 600-700 pay for a low staff after 5 years which made them frustrated! though with same percentage our president is now earning only 1.25 lac ....ahm ahm USD not PKR! which is like 1 crore per month! i dont think anywhere in world there is such kind of ridiculus pay for a worker guy of a company! He aint a president of country or something but still owns! there is big vertical hierachy of god know what and what not!

neways again makin it short....the strike as the time passed seemed ineffective and as decided by lahore court and managment to give dismisal orders!

now one side is

these NCPG (low cadre-regular.govt.employees) work 10% of time and demands hell of money for that! on the other hand they have over 25+ years of service which makes them prestige! now whom to listen thats complex and the fight goes on! A person like me (must mahol) is eating pop corns and watching the strike movie! Cuz i cant do a single thing regarding it or even my fellow engrs!

For people who dont want to read above should just read this "ITS ON AND NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE" and not only that "THERE MIGHT BE LOW PERFORMACE ON UR SERVICES OR JUST NO SERVICE (CUT)"

You can help by complaining to PTA repeatedly to supprt the early resolution forced by PTA! so.... please do the favor! Im not sure who wins but im pissed off by these low-staff now damaging the system which engrs have to clean their mess at earliest....why us? its really hard to come on sundays and form from 10am to 3 am in morning! ....god damn illiterate people!

The Sheikh should increase the pay of Ptcl employees instead of adding all the money to his account.He should think a bit.Surviving in this much pay is hard.This strike is a pain and it should be cut off by now.

Hmmm.. So this is the reason behind bad speed , Bad video streaming.. :(

Yes pain for users and pain for us too! And PTCL has beared the loss more than what they wud need for increment for next few years!

im just waiting for the news EVP HR being fired by managment in case he gives incr

and in case he doesnt.....EVP HR shot by employees :P complex haan!


last saturday 13 ONUs in isb/rwp were sabotaged plus some main transmission network causing hell of problem!....I wana keeeell these!

well in my area lines were dead 4 like 2 weeks after they worked my 4 mb connection magically tranformd itself into 1mb n i m not payin 2300rs now g 2 hell ptcl n die die dere no customer value

so there is no way you can pay your evo bill before eid?

It was suppose to be very simple.... They just could have increased the pay as it was announced and after THAT they could have implemented more stricter work ethics/polices to ensure even work flow.

Anyone can go one strike against low and pathetic wages which also may very well be defended legally but you can't/have no reason to go on strike if you got ur pay raise and have be negligent towards ur work and you can't defend it legal either.

I am sensing that eventually PTCL management will accept the strikers demands and will loose its honor in the process.

PTCL management = bunch of over paid idiots

My DSl (Phone Line) is dead for the last 3 days. called exchange, they told that they can't do anything. :( You have to wait until strike is over

what the #$%# is going on

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My DSl (Phone Line) is dead for the last 3 days. called exchange, they told that they can’t do anything. :( You have to wait until strike is over

what the #$%# is going on


we are in the same boat…mine is dead from july and my dsl is messd up since aug…

welcome to pakistan

i saw on dawn news that strike is over nw.iz it true!?

i am going to register my appeal in consumer court tomorow my net is not working since more than 20 days....1218 staff says kar lo jo karna we cant do any thing i am going to call geo citi 42 tomorow in consumer court as well

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i am going to register my appeal in consumer court tomorow my net is not working since more than 20 days…1218 staff says kar lo jo karna we cant do any thing i am going to call geo citi 42 tomorow in consumer court as well

lolx u were shifted to Satellite and wateen , how come again back to ptcl lolx

PTCL Privatisation was a big blunder which involved sooooo huge kick backs no one wants to talk about. Both ways its goin to be a big failure. :(

This strike is totally killing me. We have recently shifted from one area to another and we could not get the service discontinued at our previous flat. Now the service is still running there and it even has a dsl connection and ptcl would be still charging us money. On the other side the flat that we have shifted in has a phone line but we can't get it connected since all the linemen are on strike as well! This is so stupid! Although i heard on dawn news that the strike is over. Is it really true?

its nw officialy confrmd frm 1218.strike's ovr.

Congrats though y'all prepare yourself for another lament from P(ee)TC(rap)L or their workers, "Eid Holiday" :P no-offence f-c we're all glad its over.

ahh no wonder i was having "internet load shedding" literally for an hour three times a day, the DSL would go down... then come back up... didnt know this was all the works of PTCL employees...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

PTCL strike hits new controversy

ISLAMABAD: PTCL management announced on Monday that it had resolved the strike issue with its employees and the employees' union had called off strike.

Under the new agreement, it was decided that all the arrested employees of PTCL would be released while their salaries would also be paid before Eid-ul-Fitr.

Moreover, it was also decided that the PTCL management would also give the employees Eid Award of Rs 8000.

However, the rebel faction rejected the management notion, saying that the strike will continue and it could only be called off if all demands of Workers Ittehad were met.

When contacted, Senior Manager Corporate Comm-unications, PTCL, Farah Hussain, confirmed that the talks with the rebel group were successful and strike has been called off.

"Yes, talks were successful and strike has been called off. We will issue a detailed statement later," she added.

On the contrary, Imran Jaffery, Chief Patron, PTCL Employees Union, in a defiant mode, rejected such an impression, saying that Mutahidda Workers Ittehad (MWI) would continue its strike till the fulfillment of all its demands.

"Look, the PTCL management has held talks with a faction of union which had nothing to do with the strike and its leader Ziauddin already is siding with the management. This announcement is nothing to do with the strike and is part of a vicious plan to sabotage strike. How can we make a deal when our colleagues are behind bars," he argued.

Rather, he asserted, the leadership of Mutahidda Workers Ittehad who gave the strike call and it has authority to call off the strike.

Meanwhile, the talks between Mutahidda Workers Ittehad delegation with Secretary Labour & Manpower Iqbal Puri failed without any development.

A 5-member employees' delegation, headed by Chairman Employees Union Haji Zahid, called on the Secretary Labour and held talks for fulfillment of their demands. However, the talks failed, as neither side was ready to show flexibility over the issue.

The Secretary Labour urged the delegation that they had already been given 30 percent salary raise by the management and they should call off the strike call.

Daily Times


It seems it still not over cause it doesn't say about the pay raise.

I am surprised that people are not suing PTCL in consumer courts for monetary damages they might be facing due to service disruption.