PTCL staff messed up connection?


About 1 and half months ago I had an issue whereby someone downgraded my 4MBps connection to 1.4 mbps. I had to create multiple tickets (which mysteriously got closed). This is over the course of a month. They probably made many changes to my line paramaters at the exchange and totally fubar'ed my connection as they couldn't really find out the root cause. Finally someone visited the premises and he called up the people at the exchange and they STILL couldn't find the issue apparently. Then he asked for a 'favour' from a senior staff at another department and they speed was restored.

However, after about two weeks I've noticed that the speed test (ptcl speed test) never goes above 3.50MBps up (mostly hovers around 3.40) and 0.19MBps down . Prior to this **** up, it consistently went above 3.9MBps up and 0.68MBps down.

I have another ptcl connection in my house, same exchange, and it also goes above 3.9/0.68 and is still doing it.

Calling up PTCL support again, they said even 3MBps is normal practice, and I should be content with what I am getting. I say BS. Someone has **** up my line params and I have reason to believe some monkey was doing this on purpose all along (why the **** would they not resolve this in a month) .

Any suggestions on how to get this resolved short of disconnecting and applying for another connection ?


Couple of other forum members reported the same issue , those sad angry idiots at 1218 have a lot of attitude problems and if a customer lose its temper they respond by messing up connection at backend .... You probably need to contact PTA now maybe that is the only way out here .....