PTCL speed screwed?

I am getting 20-30kbps max on my 4mb DSL. Happening since morning, anyone else facing such issue?

Its fine for now. i guess it has something to do wtih ips.

You're not alone. Mine has been dead slow the last 3 days. I'm not able to download anything, even with idman's 16 concurrent connections. Maxed out at 10-23kbps.

I am also facing the same problem. :(

I wouldn't say it's been happening since the morning - it's been happen sporadically for quite a number of days now.

And I live in Pindi, on 1Mb, and get snail-like speeds - similar to what the OP gets.

ok i think it has something do with the xchanges because alhamdulillah i am getting 120kb/s on my 1MB.

I guess rest whom are having problem with lower speeds forgot to say 'alhamdulillah'. :P