PTCL SmartTv on LCD Monitor

Is there any way to watch PTCL SmartTv on an LCD monitor (having VGA input only) instead of a tv ?
If I use RCA to VGA converter, will it work ?

Yes that converter should work. You have two options:

1. Composite & S-Video to VGA


2. Component to VGA


All three connections are available on Smart TV's stb.

Use Component to VGA converter for better result.

Great ! :)
I have some more questions.

1.From where will I find these cable ?
Some electronics store selling TVs ? or computer market ?

2.And any idea about the price range ?

3. What about the audio signal? Shouldn't there be an audio jack alongwith the VGA port ?

Thanks :)

No idea about the availability and price in Pakistan. You may find it in Electronics shops.

VGA cable doesn't carry sound so you have to use any external speakers.

One more thing i forgot to mention. Theres another easily available solution:

Danny TV Device

No need to say more about it :)

This (Dany) is what i am using to watch IPTV on a 15" LCD Monitor during load shedding hours. It doesn't take much energy from UPS as compared to 32" LCD :) best solution to watch TV during load shedding.

I got the DANY device today and the result with SmartTv is quite good :)

Thanks a lot for the suggestion ^_^

Thats great. you are welcome :)