Ptcl Smart tv STB settings

hey guyz,
i mistakenly restored my Smart tv set top box and now its stuck on PPoE dialing and gives username and password error......................
Help me

You need to call the helpline and make a complaint, that is if they don't guide you what to do on the phone. Setting the set top box is a bit complicated esp. if you don't know what you are doing i.e. one code required to enter the settings, another code required to save the settings which you change. The login details of PPoE (username/password) are something which most customers do not have got in hand. I can guide you a little about what to do but it will be no use since you do not have the login information of your SmartTV account and the server settings of different areas are different, AFAIK.

So best option is to lodge a complaint, when the PTCL guy comes to fix it. Watch with hawk-eyes what he does, just not to mess it up again. Also tell him to write the main username/password which is required.

Press SET on your Remote.

Enter Password: 8288

Then go to Network Configuration and put your Login ID and Password.

Password to Save Changes: 3008


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Does someone else username and password works on PTCL Box?

thnx a lot guyz for your response........................
Rebooting didn't help so i called the ptcl help line up and the guy came and setted the username and password :D

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thanks dear for the 8288 password

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Smart TV black Android device uses password for “Middleware” is “0000”.
Password for wired network option is"1234".

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I have reset my smart tv , now i dont have any login or password on it.
If i put others smart tv login password on it, will it work

plz Ineed help to connect ptcl smart tv box with tplink adsl router plz

Thanks for the 8288 password.