PTCL Smart TV Performance

Anybody facing problems in PTCL Smart TV in Lahore today? too much noise and sluggishness in picture.

Internet is working fine though.

for me it works fine only 4 days in a week. On Time shifted channels rewind a few secs and it will be fine. no permanent solution until yet.

yeah i'm facing the exact same problem...! rewind a few sec and TV works fine but live TV aint working...! and man the channel list has now become crap after tht channel ban!

I am going to apply for TV termination

Yeah, its really pathetic. Any idea what is the process of getting only TV services disconnected.

I think we have to go to Egerton Road Office, because once i saw a man returning the shitty stuff there.

its working back again...hey temme one thing..! is it worth it continuing this service...lyk i'm using this service for abt 2yrs now and i've almost paid installment worth 6,000Rs. wat should i do now...