Ptcl smart tv information

Dear guys,

I want to install PTCL Smart TV for my premises as cable network is not available.

Please tell how well does it work considering the fact that PTCL line crystal clear and Broadband works quite well.

Also, do mention the points that I need to take care regarding installation.

Thanks :)

depends on your exchange. do you get frequent disconnections on your dsl? if you do, then most likely the picture quality will suffer. some channels will be unwatchable, others will just stutter and have artifacts.

Depends upon u r line quality if on fiber then no worries but if on copper 2mb pkus iptv should work fine.

line quality is very clear.

I need new connection with landline + DSL(1mbps) + Smart TV.

Any suggestions on latest package?

If line is fine and on Fiber Optics then go for it.