PTcl Ping Problem

I Have Zte Zxdsl 831 Series Black Modem And I Used To Get 90+ Pings Before I Configured My Adsl Port G.dmt , After Configuring Adsl port To G.dmt I Had Pings In 60s I Used To Play Games Smoothly...Since 3 Or 4 Months I have Same Configured Adsl Port But Now I Am Getting Again Pings in 90s And iv Tried To Change My Adsl Port To Several Other Like Readsl2 And Adsl2+ It Doesnt Works... or Maybe Is it Because i Changed My Windows From Xp To Windows 7 Or Is It Some Thing Else.. Plz Help Me Out of This Problem

Plz Post Any Solution Dont Think That Iam New User With 1st Post... This Isnt Bogus

there isnt any prblem in ur OS ...high latency issue is from PTCL too facing this issue from a month almost!! :(

how much pings are good ?

for online gaming >50 are perfect but now a days pings are ~100+ on most servers

^depends on the game actually

for counter strike, < 45 is good.

For World of Warcraft, maybe >50 is okay, as its a strategy game. (I have no experience on it, so cant say anything abt it)