PTCL phoneline / DSL installation charges waiver Inquiry

One of my friend opted PTCL phone line along with 4MB DSL package. Phone line+DSL were installed on yesterday, 27th of Oct at 4pm.

As of typing this post, my friend is extremely dissatisfied with the service (poor line condition resulting in degradation of internet service even when used without the splitter) and wants to terminate the DSL and phone line altogether as according to the line man himself, "sir, if you encounter any problem using DSL, complaining it won't solve it cause the infrastructure is really messed up so pray that everything run smoothly."

Now the problem is even if he cancel the service, he will still be billed for 750 Rs. phone installation charges+ 1000 Rs. DSL installation charges + 199 Rs. line rent + internet usage charges (till now he has used less then 50GB). Which will become over 2000 Rs. in total or perhaps they will charge him full payment for the whole month's worth of internet.

So is there anyway for him to apply for waiver of these charges or any significant reduction in those charges? cause when he will go to terminate the services, it will be less then 48 hrs since the service was installed.

Please suggest any solution and reply as soon as possible.

I face same like problem few months back, and simple I went to ptcl exchange and met line man directly, he took me to main room where all connections are managed. He changed the like from that room, then he took me the main cabinet of my area and then he changed line and at the end DP of my relevant home, and problem was solved. One thing more that while changing the like do check for current (even if line has no distortion, I don't remember exactly what they said that device to check power of that line, some kinda digital meter) and also check if DP to Splitter it's the same line without any joint in between.

I am not sure my friend's gonna get into all that....

So any suggestion for the waiver thingy?

call ptcl to terminate the connection. and when bill comes don't pay

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call ptcl to terminate the connection. and when bill comes don’t pay


LOLz on a very simple solution but unfortunately they don’t terminate before they get a copy of last paid bill :)