Ptcl Pakistan Package

I have read in newspaper that Ptcl`s Pakistan Package lasts No more. Is that True? They never informs their customers. Where is PTA now?

they have reduced the number of minutes i think to 700 per month..

papers have wrongly quoted this news...Pakistan Package is still intact, with 2500 minutes per month....

Got this info from their helpline....

1236 from Landline

17 from Mobile phone


17 works on all mobile networks?

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17 works on all mobile networks?

i guess only ufone

05117 is the number that works on Telenor. I think it works on Warid (I have both at home, but I've used 17 on Telenor)

The last time I checked (a long time ago), 17 or 05117 didn't work on Ufone. Maybe they've changed it... maybe...