PTCL Pakistan Package validity

Has the validity of PTCL Pakistan Package been extended again? I ve heard that it has been extended till 31st March.

Didn't PTA asked them to stop charging people for two months at least?

It was all over the news that the package will end tomorrow. I am not sure if they have extended it after so many reports saying it's ending.

I also heard that it has been etended till 31st March...As My Cousin Told Me..

What are you guys talking about? it's not going to be offered anymore? Was this a cheap trick by PTCL to boost their revenues temporarily by imposing this package on everyone and then when people really start using that, withdraw it...???

so is it ended????so i can offically announce in ma house that now just call normal

Is there any confirmed source of news about the validity of the Pakistan Package?

I heard it on the two radio news reporting it clearly that it's ending on 29th February. However, there's no news online to confirm it. :rolleyes:

Yar please anybody confirm it to me whether it has ended or not?

Yesterday I read News ticker at Express News saying "Burewala:PTCL has extended its Pakistan Package till 31st March 2008"

Dont know if its only in Burewala!? But Why only Burewala!!?? I think it has been extended for all customers in all cities. It should be like this.

Just confirmed from PTCL helpline. It's still valid and they say whenever they call off the package, they'll properly advertise in newspaper. Let's see...

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Just confirmed from PTCL helpline. It’s still valid and they say whenever they call off the package, they’ll properly advertise in newspaper. Let’s see…

dont u people read any newspaper :D they hav advertised again in al the main newpapers of pak that the package has been extended to another 2 months .and charges wil remain the same

^^^^ I guess some people will never be happy :(