Ptcl Packages Upgrade!

Ptcl has upgraded the broadband packages

DSL-1Mbps Unlimited

Rs. 1,199 / month

DSL-4Mbps Unlimited

Rs. 1,999 / month

DSL-6Mbps Unlimited

Rs. 4,999 / month

DSL-8Mbps Unlimited

Rs. 6,999 / month

My thoughts on this:

Further i recieved a call an hours ago from 051-1236 on my mobile and the operator was telling me if i upgrade my current connection i.e. 1Mbps unlimited this new 4Mbps i'll have to pay Rs. 1,999/ month. He offered me to upgrade my connection but as i am a student and using the student package so i pay Rs. 839/ month so at first thought i cannot bear this extra Rs. 1,200/month.

But as the call ended i recieved an sms from PTCL : "Convert your 1MB to 4MB at additional amount of Rs.800/month only."

Now i am puzzled does this Additional Rs.800 means that as if i am on student package i've to pay a total amount of Rs. 1600/month OR its means that i have to pay Rs. 800 over Rs. 1,199/month.

I've been calling the help line for info on this matter But no use! Every line is busy!