PTCL not responding...Modem light is red, What to do?

I am subscribed to PTCL 1 MB Student package and I have Huawei MT880 Modem.

Ten days back, my wire was cut, I complaint to PTCL, they gave me complaint number 396 and said we will fix your problem within 36 hours, I waited 4 days but no response from them, after that I complaint several times but same no response. After 10 days, I fixed my wire. My complaint is still registered 'Complaint no 396'.

Now, my downloading and uploading speed is drastically down. Average downloading speed is 25KB and uploading speed in 5KB. Plus One of the Indicating bulb (Link>Lan) in my Modem is showing red light.

Can anyone suggest me what to do?

^DO check your whole line from PeeTCL box till your room.