PTCL not giving 8Mbps promotion - Very Low Upstream SNR Margin

Guys, I got my new internet connection on 1st November. I ordered a 4 Mbps connection but I should have received 8 Mbps according to the promotion package. Unfortunately I only got 4 Mbps. Talking to 1236, they said its a systematic procedure and it'll get upgraded automatically IF my line supports it. Its now almost the end of december and it still hasn't been done. I feel like its because I have very low upstream SNR. I talked to dsl guy and i think that he can improve my U/S SNR but he said "What would you need upstream snr for?" I told him its probably required to upgrade my connection and now he says connection will be upgraded by calling 1236. So... full circle, back where I began.

Can anyone tell me how to get this 8Mbps promotion and get my upstream snr improved from ptcl?

Here's my line stats:

Visit Exchange for Broadband manager

Ask him to upgrade ur line as its fiber optic.

They can resolve ur issue in few minutes.

caling to 1236 is not helpful in any case

They do upgrade but the thing which is keeping them away from the update from their end is that your line SNR is low..they won't dare to mess with them.

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i have forgotten to write that in short ptcl is a kachra service.Yu will curse yourself for wasting your money on it.Secondly rectifying this Snr crap isnt that easy you have to meet up the supervisor tell him abt your line issue then he will call up the cable guy and the lineman ..both will start their beegaaar that sir G yu know dps are old the underground cables are worn out they got trillion of patches .. Nothing will work unless and until new dp is installed.ONU wont help either as the last resort is dependent on copper dp ..anyways try your luck if they start their beeegar then tell them shove this connection at their back and use some reliable company 3G or 4G

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Just call 1236 again. U r line stats r perfect for 8mb as u dont ve iptv.

Perfect?? Look at the noise margin it can’t even survive 4Mbps

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The snr for downstream are 35.3 and these are perfect for 8mb.

Upstream doesn not matter as it will not increase above 1mb. I have a 11mb sync with 24 snr and upstream is same 7.7 for 1mb up.

Yes fine I didn't look at the upstream and downstream coloumn.

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