PTCL Must Withdraw Pakistan Package by August 31st 2008: PTA

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Pakistan Package by PTCL is going to see an end by August 31st, 2008. PTCL administration is obviously not in favor of this withdrawal; however PTA has directed the company to abolish the said package by the end of current month in order to maintain a pricing balance amongst market players. Directions came after an appeal by PTCL to the regulator that it wants to continue Pakistan Package was turned down by authority. PTA has directed the company to inform their customers by August 10th, 2008 about the removal of this Package.

Directives by PTA, dated July 30 2008 says that PTCL’s justifications to carry on Pakistan package are unreal for instance PTCL in its appeal said that Pakistan Package is selected by customers on voluntary basis however it was not the case; PTCL’s package was imposed forcefully for all customers of PTCL and majority of them showed strong resentment against this imposition. PTA said that it is still receiving complaints from general public regarding refund/adjustment and deactivation of Pakistan Package.

According to PTA only 25 percent of PTCL subscribers are availing Pakistan Package, majority of which are corporate clients with heavy traffic load. PTA has advised PTCL that this is actually in their own benefit to quit the package to maximize its revenues from those corporate clients.

In another justification PTCL said that Pakistan Package was facilitating its customers, in response to which PTA has responded that this fact is not true. Authority said that PTCL has lowered local call pulse rate from 5 to 3 minutes, along with the company is charging highest tariffs for fixed-to-mobile calls, which is defiantly not act of facilitation for customers.

PTA directive said that PTCL must publicize that it is quitting Pakistan Package before August 10th 2008 before taking it down from August 31st, 2008



this shows that PTA is there to save company’s asses rather than protecting the customers from filthy operators like ptcl because they didn’t do anything about preactivation of this package

was this some 'developed' country, ptcl would've got a lot of lawsuits showed up its a55 and they'd be careful abt doing anything stupid like preactivating a costly package nationwide without the customer's concern again in the future.

I don't understand why PTA wants PTCL to remove this package. Customers have the option to opt out of this package if they want to so whats wrong with it? Maybe its hurting cellular companies revenues thats why.

I agree. I use the Pakistan Package myself. People have the option to opt out of it. If the cancellation is what they have an issue with, that's another matter and the efficiency may be called into question and reviewed but on its own, the package is not unfair at all.

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Maybe its hurting cellular companies revenues thats why.

yeah! they wouldn’t have done anything if the people of pakistan were getting looted by ptcl

They should have focused on the downsides of the package such as forced activation, Problems in removing the package and etc. BUT REMOVING THE PACKAGE ITSELF?

This is just insane.

Every foreign companies come here to loot Pakistanis and PTA really really later wakeup.

PTA wants PTCL to abolish Pakistan package because

1 - This package was introduced as limited time offer, so give it a limit now

2 - PTCL as an significant market player (SMP) should not offer these cheap rates (as per telecom act).... this will take other telecom companies to a dead end. As a regulator PTA is responsible to secure other businesses in the country too.

3 - PTCL is doing no good to deactivate the package for those who dont want it (customer support issues) and also they have failed to adjust bills in case package is opted out.

out of these point 2 is most crucial. PTA as a regulator has to think for businesses too instead of favoring customers all the time.


man i don't agree its PTCLs own network they should be allowed to offer whatever packages they want. Why don't these cell companies come up with unlimited on-net packages of their own. Where was this PTA when these cell companies esp. Mobilink were looting the customers untill the market dynamics forced them to stop.

Why? To ensure competition remains.

And if PTCL maintained it's monopoly, you probably wouldn't have any idea what prices you'd be paying, since by being a monopoly, they could charge whatever they wished!