PTCL modem weird problem =/

Hello, guys i'm having a strange problem with my Huawei's MT880 modem. The modem works perfect on my electric generator but on normal KESC power supply, the ADSL and LAN light on the modem just light up for a few secs and then go off again! They are not *stable*.

I have been trying to contact PTCL customer care but they just keep on saying that it will be resolved within 24hrs, god knows when their 24hrs will finish... =/

I have tried to remove the SPLITER and put the phone line directly in the modem

I have tried to remove the carbon from the HARD BLACK telephone wire

I have tried to remove my WiFi router and connect my laptop directly to the modem

I have done all the possible things i could do.

Please help me with this, I'm having this problem since last month!