PTCL Made to Pay Rs. 10,000 Suit Amount for not restoring Phone

It is reported that District Consumer Court Judge Syed Maruf Ahmed Ali ordered PTCL to refund Rs 4,300 along with the cost amounting to Rs 10,000 to the petitioner within 10 days on an suit case filed by Muhammad Jamshed Rana under Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005, for the recovery of PTCL bill payments he made with the cost of suit – He had been paying phone bills while his phone remained dead.

“The Post” has reported that complainant was submitted against PTCL that was alleged that since the installation of the connection, it remained out of order and several written as well as telephonic complaints were made to PTCL, but to no effect, adding the petitioner was paying regularly monthly bills but the said phone connection has been out of order for the last 14 months.

Paper says that the petitioner did his best to get the issue resolved and he even approached GM, PTCL for restoration of the connection and refund of amount paid on account of line rent.

However, in total desperation, the petitioner issued a legal notice to PTCL but no reply was received and finally prayed to the court for the recovery of 14 months line rent and damages. Asif said the court, after hearing arguments of both sides and perusing the record, observed that the petitioner had proved his case and was entitled to refund of the amount along with another sum of Rs 10,000 which shall be paid by the respondent within 10 days of this order.

My first impression after reading this news was that PTCL will be hiring more lawyers in coming days, as this can be a start to un-ending suit cases against them. To be true, not only PTCL, but all other telecom companies may face such Suits from their subscribers, if they violate any consumer law.

This is maybe a warning message to service providers that get better or there are heavy suits waiting for them ahead…

One of my friend is also planning to file a suit against UBL for holding Rs. 50,000 for 10 days without any reason. And even his complain was not logged by CSR… I will post you guys once there is any update on this


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History breaking judgment.

"am i awake?" It must be then last judgment from the judge.


thats real cool

nw dis is kickin ass news u rok bro.

if PTCL was still in government's hands then this maybe wouldn't have happened


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PTCL ordered to waive line rent for 500 subscribers

LAHORE: Lahore Consumer Court Judge Syed Maruf Ahmedali has directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) to waive the line rent of 500 subscribers whose telephones lines remained suspended for 104 days.

The judge passed this order on a petition by Muhammad Sharif of More Khunda, Nankana Sahib district. The judge ordered the PTCL to refund line rent of Rs 1,530 for the period Sharif’s telephone service had remained disconnected. He also directed the company to pay Rs 5,000 as cost of the case within 10 days.

The petitioner submitted that his telephone line had been disconnected for 104 days, but he had been paying the line rent regularly, which was illegal and unconstitutional.

He requested the court to direct the PTCL authorities to refund the amount of the line rent.

On the other hand, the counsel for the PTCL appearing before the court submitted that the main cable of the telephone line had remained disconnected for 104 days due to construction of a road from Jaranwala to More Khunda by the Provincial Highway Department. He said it was not the fault on the part of the PTCL, adding that they were willing to refund the line rent to the petitioner. In his written order, the judge ruled that 500 telephone numbers remained closed during the construction of the road. Under the law, it was required of the PTCL to waive the line rent of those subscribers whose telephone remained disconnected, he added. staff report



Does sindh also have a Consumer Protection Act ? two of my phones are dead too, one for two and a half months(had been using that number for 20yrs without a hitch) while other for almost a week now,i better call up my lawyer as well. :P

nopse - its just in Punjab

brave judge

brave decision

save yourself from enemies judge sahab

Hell with the lawmakers of sindh. WE WANT Consumer Protection Act!