PTCL Line Rate Issues

I subscribed to a 2mbit DSL from PTCL about 1.5 years ago. Everything was fine but after a month or so, the modem simply wouldn't sync at 2mbit. It always syncs at 1mbit and so I've always received this speed. I'm usually not in Pakistan and so didn't usually have much time to pursue the matter with PTCL, but basically, my family has paid for 2mbit internet and received 1mbit for pretty much since then. PTCL says that their data says I have a 2mbit connection.

I have changed the modem, and it still syncs at that speed. I thought it could be my telephone line, but I read the excellent Line Stat guide in Joker's signiture, and my line is pretty good. Here are the stats, and you can judge yourselves.

I have also removed the DSL filter, but no dice - the modem still thinks I have a 1 mbit connection. Obviously, yes, now that PTCL has upgraded the connections and according to them I have 4mbit, but nope, nothing convinces my modem - still thinks its 1mbit.

At this point, I am very frustrated with PTCL but I stick with them because they have relatively good latency and that is important for my brother (gaming) and father (VoIP). We had LDN and faced horrible latency. I'm not sure if things are different now. Perhaps it has to do with the type of modulation? What is the recommended modulation technique?

So, I created this thread to ask, what are my options? Should I file a complaint with PTA - does that really work?. I have called a PTCL 'engineer' everyday for the past 3 days, and basically its the same ol' story 'sir aj ho jai ga. mai apko phone karoon ga sham ko' - as you can imagine, the phone call never comes.

Please advise!

^ change ur modulation to G.dmt you will get much better pings...n your port is set to 1mb from exchange end it has nothing to do with your modem ...complaint at 1218 about this matter or visit your exchange..if still ur problem dosnt solve...complaint to PTA!!

Go to your local exchange with TWO copies of a written complaint in name of DSL Incharge/Exchange Incharge, hand them one copy and ask them to sign and mention complaint received on another copy. Follow it up with them everyday, give them sometime (they only forward an email to concerned people, they can take up the matter and solve it by constant contact with concerned people if staff is good - see my example), if they don't solve it then courier a letter to PTCL HQ in Islamabad OR fax them. You can get address etc. and numbers from PTCL website. I rarely had to get in touch with PTA in case of PTCL, taking up the matter to their head office did the trick for me a few times when my phone line had problems and they were not coming to fix it.

hashim, exchange does not have any control over ports, all they do is assign a user port on DSLAM when users registers for DSL, all default on lowest package i.e. 1Mbps, the port speed is directly changed by Regional HQ, remotely. The staff at exchange will email the concerned people about the issue and if the staff at exchange is good, like they were to me, they took it upon themselves to troubleshoot the issue and were on phone for an hour or so with the Regional HQ in my case when problem wasn't getting solved for over a week.

The problem they found? lol those who setup DSLAM had mislabelled/misrouted the port assigned to my number, so at back end in HQ, they had already upgraded the port they thought was of my number but it was not. Once they figured the correct port I had, it was done within few minutes. This is from like 2 years ago btw. but I am sure port speeds are still not under Exchange staff.

P.S. PTCL doesn't have a service center or one stop shop in my city i.e. if they have in yours then go to them and try your luck, members here have mentioned it solves their problems.