Ptcl Line profile

Can any one please help me in increasing my ptcl line profile ?

I have 1 mb connection on Fiber Optic, previously my line Profile was set to 2 mb so I was able to achieve 1.3 mb Down and 0.40 UP, but 3 days back ptcl decrease my line profile and set it to 1 mb.

Now I won't get even closer to 1 mb. Speedtest shows 0.88 mb Down and 0.25 UP.

My ping has also gone higer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ask them to set it back up, threaten them about leaving ... maybe even leave (3g is cheap and high quality). There is not much you can do about this from your own end, at best make sure the connections and jacks are tight and clean, maybe replace your dsl filter with a new one ... it won't make too much of a difference though.

@hashmi1 my profile is set to 6mb but still I don't get more than 2mb speed, is there any way i can achieve all that 6mb speed ??