PTCL launches three new calling packages

ISLAMABAD, Mar 31 (APP): Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Monday launched three new calling packages - Pakistan Plus, Value Plus and Basic Plus for the convenience of its valued customers.

Dr. Sadik Al-Jadir, SEVP (Commercial), told a press conference here that the PTCL, for the first time in history, would provide its subscribers opportunity to choose the package which suites them.

“With three customized packages - Pakistan Plus, Value Plus and Basic Plus, now everyone can get exactly what they want at a price that suits them. These packages would be effective from 1st April. As a market leader in fixed-line telecommunications in Pakistan, the PTCL is striving to introduce three packages simultaneously to provide greater value, wider choice and better service to its diversified customer base which spreads over the entire country. Thus, the introduction of these packages is a landmark change for PTCL,” he said the each package caters to a different demographic barring none.

“Pakistan Plus offers 2,500 minutes of nationwide calls for a fixed package charge of Rs. 199. Moreover, for the convenience to customers, all current subscribers of Pakistan Package will automatically be shifted to Pakistan Plus on 1st April, 2008”.

“PTCL is now also offering a package with 1,200 internet minutes in addition to 25 nationwide calling minutes per month, in the form of the brand-new Value Plus package which is available for Rs. 75 only. This package keeps in view the needs of the internet savvy user, in particular. To select this package, customers are requested to contact the helpline 12401240 and select Value Plus package”.

The third package, he added, Basic Plus is designed to meet the needs of the low usage segment and includes basic services along with voicemail and call waiting, which are also included in the other two packages. All customers who are not currently subscribed to the Pakistan Package will be automatically shifted to Basic Plus on 1st April, he said.

“With its dedicated 24-hour helpline 12401240, PTCL will make it easy for subscribers to get information about the new price plans and to switch between plans. In addition, customers can also go to their nearest PTCl Customer Sales and Services centers, One Stop Shops and revenue Officers to get information and to switch between any of the three plans at any time, free of cost”.

Dr. Jadir was of the view that the PTCL has a renewed commitment to provide efficient and state of the art telecom services to its customers. With the introduction on these packages, he added, the PTCL is proactively developing ways to meet the needs of its customers and is demonstrating its commitment to pro vide quality services at affordable prices.

“These packages are a manifestation of PTCL’s new vision and herald a new era in customer service. Providing value and services in a myriad ways is the hallmark of PTCL evolution and with Pakistan Plus, Value Plus and Basic Plus customers will feel the difference”.

To a question regarding the improvement in services, Jadir was of the view that the company was investing huge amounts to improve its services. He said the number of faulty lines was dropping significantly and the network was improving with the each day passing.

“Rs. 2 billion has been invested for upgradation of our network. We have the biggest contact center where around 1000 agents are working days and nights to redress the complaints of our valued customers. Besides, we have established several one-stop-shops in the twin cities, Karachi, Lahore and other leading cities for the same purpose and now the customers do not need to visit PTCL offices for redressal of their problems. They could also get subscription over there,” he said adding that this year these stop-shops would be established in 24 more cities.

He said the PTCL was also investing in broadband services for the convenience of customers. He said the PTCL was serving 40 million customers directly or indirectly. “There might be some problems but we are making untiring efforts to resolve all issues,” he said.

Dr. Jadir told the PTCL would also launch Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in April this year. He admitted that though the PTCL was far away from its goal, yet it was making efforts to rise upto the expectations of the masses.

“You know, we don’t have a wireless system and rather, we have wireline system. But to facilitate our customers in certain areas, we are considering to launch wireless system to avoid inconvenience,” he concluded.

PTCL officers including SEVP (Communications) Ali Qadir Gilani, Shahid Bhutto, Asim Rabbani and others were also present.


Isn't a rubish????????

They sure are...

PTCL is rubbish in itself, The mad-scientists in it labs keep coming up with stupid invention everyday, the goal is to loot the customers as much as they can, living within the law (considering there's no law on pricing and tarriffs, so they charge whatever they like)

Crappy packages.

senseless package

There aim was only to drop the damn pulse value from 5 minutes to 2 minutes per 2Rs, changed the name of Pakistan Package and introduced this free 2,500 minutes(40hours40 minutes) for NWD calls and charging 200Rs per month (lol).Why is everything getting so expensive?Seriously Its way hard to survive here now.Soon the day will come when the wheat bag will be sold on 2 Lakh per 20 Kg,dear looters you should look after the interest of Pakistan.

Give credit where credit is due, PTCL has caused a massive shift in broadband prices, international call rates and now nationwide calling. Yeah, they probably can't deliver even 80-70% of what they say, but its caused a lot of people to get up and take notice...

PTCL has caused a massive shift in broadband prices (ye true) and it was due on them to provide us the broadband as they are the MAJOR TELECOM sector in whole Pakistan.

This sucks big time!

hang ptcl =\

Local Call rates for Pakistan Package were

Local Call – Peak Rs 2.00 / 5 Mins

Local Call – Off Peak Rs 3.99 / hr

Whereas in Pakistan Plus plan the Local call rates are as follows

Local Call – Peak Rs 2.00 / 2 Mins

Local Call – Off Peak Rs 2.00 / 4 Mins


is this pulse rate same for all three packages? and what about that 4 Pm - 8 Pm 1 hour Pulse thingy @ 5 Rs.

abdulsami it hasbeen changed :)) ,the pulse is for 2 minutes now from 9pm to 8am & the pulse is for 5 minutes from 8am to 9pm :))

i think ptcl is forcing every1 to use Cellular phone instead of landline for local calls


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i think ptcl is forcing every1 to use Cellular phone instead of landline for local calls

i totally agree.

i dont know what happened to PTCL what actually they want to do ? i was thinking in new packages at least they will remove any type of line rent which they are charging from decades but rather then doing that they change pulse time from 5 to 2 mints .

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i think ptcl is forcing every1 to use Cellular phone instead of landline for local calls

Ye you r right…from mobile to ptcl call is cheap…

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Give credit where credit is due, PTCL has caused a massive shift in broadband prices, international call rates and now nationwide calling. Yeah, they probably can’t deliver even 80-70% of what they say, but its caused a lot of people to get up and take notice…

well, PTCL has its broadband services only in 12 cities where as whole pakistan is going to be affected by these packages… Also what good these packages are bringing for the customers rather call rate is getting more expensive. And it is rediculous on PTCLs part that they have hold the pres conference and announced these crap packages

Instead of PTCL (Rs. 2/2min), I use Warid LCR package (85 paisas/30 sec) with no monthly or daily charges any where in Pakistan, even cheaper on on-net and FnF calls.

In Rs. 250/- per month I can talk for

250/1.08/2 = 115minutes.

Whereas on PTCL in Rs. 250/- per month

(250-Line rent 200) = only 50 minutes.

Ptcl is looting and doughing People of Pakistan

PTCL ia a fraud company... this introduction if packages is clear example as they trapped alot of people by just saying that there is no line rent...

and why charge line rent on WireLESS Phone???