Ptcl... issue

Is ptcl internet working? im using tp link wireless router with it. It was working fine till few days from 20th internet stopped working with my wireless router it works for few minutes and then stops working but when i use internet directly from ptcl modem it works but only for half hour or more. and my ptcl modem internet lite keeps blinking when not in use even when the pc is off is there somthing wrong with my ptcl modem or somethings wrong at the back end of ptcl. im in lahore.

try changing the DNS.

either use google public DNS


nop nothing changed. now the problem is only when using it with tp link wireless router but i have checked it on other internet connection and it works fine. is there something wrong with the ptcl modem its internet lite keeps blinking when not in use.

I had the same problem. Someone else is using your WiFi that is why the internet light keeps blinking. Assign a password to your TP-LINK router. That should solve the problem.

password is assigned already its not the password issue it keeps blinking when the pc is off and when i turn off the wireless router