Ptcl iptv device connected wirelessly to ptcl modem

i want to wireless-ly connect smart tv device with the ptcl modem, instead of an Ethernet cable. Anyone who can guide me?

Well i have decided to get two WDS enabled routers (preferably same make/model).

Then i will use WDS to connect them both, with DHCP disabled on the secondary one.

Then i will attach primary to modem. And attach secondary to the iptv device which is at a different place i.e. TV lounge

and viola...IPTV works....wishful thinking.

Seriously, is this going to work? I dont want to waste money on routers if this scheme has flaws.


I don't think it will work

Seems like i will have to borrow WDS enabled routers then, for the sake of trial run. MZC, any other method that you can think of?

Its not about connecting or stuff..the main problem in IPTV is that the USB ports seemed to be disabled by the OS. Wat ever you connect to the STB it won't response to it at all. So giving it a try won't hurt you but the odds of it to work are more then rare.

Routers will connect to ehternet ports of modem or cpe. USB ports dont get involved.

This is what i am trying to follow

Any ever succeeded in setting up WDS on a ptcl modem?