PTCL hates me

Hi all,

PTCL is at it again. For the 4th time in the last month, PTCL's DSL 4mb connection decides to destroy its SNR margin, goes below 10 (SNR margin 6.0/7.5), which effectively kills the connection by reducing download to 2.7 and upload to a horrifying 0.15mb. Yes, 0.15mb, which is basically around 14 to 18k.

Most people wont really notice it, but it pretty much kills any hope of multiplayer gaming.

I've spent about 8 hours collectively calling ptcl and asking them to fix it. They know what the problem is and sometimes it gets fixed for a day, sometimes for a couple of days, but it is always back. Has been like this for a month now. They keep saying 'the line parameters are bad' and know its a problem at their end but they are unable to fix it permanently.

Can anyone please help me in finding out a more long term solution to this issue? Is there a better way to get them to deal with this? I've been to the exchange in the past for various other problems as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.