PTCL has started blocking P2P/Warez sites?!

I just tried logging in to and

I get this:


Tell me this is some kind of a joke...

Working for me.



workin for me too...on PTCL DNS....

Even is blocked :S

Dear User your not Allowed To open such a Websites thanks

This site was categorized in: Blogs, Social networking

Using OpenDNS, default gateway address is: 116.71.*.*, going to check with PTCL DNS and with a modem restart to acquire a new IP

all sites working for me Joker

they may even start bittorent traffic throtling

But why twitter?

This is plain bullshit

Now we have to ask them wich websites we can open

kindly confirm r u on student package?

It may be for students so they can concentrate on studies :P

I switched from OpenDNS to PTCL DNS and all working normally but this is really weird, why is PTCL logo showing up there in the error message? Can someone else using OpenDNS confirm to me if this is happening?

wow... ptcl is such a big company and they cant even write a proper grammatically correct message... Dear User your not Allowed To open such a Websites thanks... Really? ... really? lmao ... "your"... "such a websites" ... and even it was written correctly... "Dear User - You're not allowed to open such websites - Thank you." it still sounds dumb... whats wrong with just This site is blocked or this site is restricted or whatever... lol ... anyways i hope this is not for real... is restricted internet access some sort of gimmick pakistan is tryin 2 pull 2 look civilized... its actually uncivilized ya morons... freedom of speech and expression FTW!!!!

@mad: Yeah I am using PTCL DNS now and not getting the error, its confusing since such "Gulabi" English means only one thing, that was from PTCL, not OpenDNS but why?

may be its some sort of step against OpenDNS...they want us to only use PTCL's tht they can have an eye in us.;..!!

thats not a issue some time open dns as well local dns is doing this problem clear your cache regularly .

Joker its nice to see you here.You were lost somewhere :D the sites are opening normally :D

could be a sign of things to come

oh joker welcome back where were u losttttt...

joker it also happened with me around a month ago with open dns den i switched back to ptcl dns and havenot tried again

come on ppl use freeVPN if sites get blocked :S

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come on ppl use freeVPN if sites get blocked :S

yep thats right but i am not able to connect VPN account on PPPE mode i have to switch to Bride mode then i get connected on VPN

Maybe your dad put NetNanny on your computer, man.

Or PTCL could have been asked to put something similar,

on request maybe ?.




Sheikh 'Hmm' Chilli


I have a ZTE modem(1mb package) and I have connected LINKSYS WAG200G router?

Can anyone help me with ROUTER SETTINGS as PTCL does not provide any support for it?

Thank you

Nothing here, opendns working fine.