PTCL guys marked complaint as "resolved" by themselves!

From last two weeks my connection had become VERY unstable. The DSL guy probably messed up my pairs.. I had asked him to change them because my SNR value used to be at 6-7dB. He probably changed the pairs or did something else, and it increased to 8-10dB. BUT, it had opposite effect on my connection. At first, it wouldn't even sync with DSLAM (unstable DSL light), and when it did, it would sync at 32kbps to 400kbps downstream !! I'm on a 1mbit connection.

Check this:


Now, half of the week, the DSL works JUST FINE. It syncs at 1024kbps, and I get around 100KBps download speeds. But rest of the days, it remains unstable - DSL light wouldn't get stable - downstream rate even lower than 56k dialup.. FRUSTRATION!

I tried to lodge complaint on 1218, but he gave me the excuse that some up gradation is being in North. Four days passed, no use. Called again yesterday, and they lodged the complaint & gave me complaint no.

I got a call from exchange today, and he was giving me the excuse of "rain", that its all because of rain and there is some fault at our end. Bullsh*t. It only rained yesterday. My problem is since TWO WEEKS!

He asked me to press 1 if I get a call (i.e mark it as resolved). I said no, first resolve the issue then I will... He said fine.. After around 4 hours, my phone rang just once (short ring) , and then immediately after I received confirmation SMS on my cell that your complaint no. XX has been RESOLVED!

OK guys anyone of you experienced this attitude before? If my connection gets unstable again & syncs at that speed even once - I'm gonna complaint directly to PTA and have their ***** kicked hard :X

& Any idea why the low sync rate?! My line is NEW with no joints. When it is behaving strange , I also get noise in line. But it automatically disappears when its working fine :/

these are screwed pairs...get hold of the better one...complaint again and add this non-sense behavior as well....try adding a spice of PTA or consumer court on this attitude while lodging the complain....then wait and never press 1 until the problem gets solved...and this aint a new thing at PTCL they are known for such mischievous attitude.!..

I asked the DSL guy several times to give me better pairs. But he don't seem to listen. I will lodge a complaint again if connection gets unstable. OR pay a visit to the exchange.. If paying a visit to exchange don't solve things.. PTA is going to be my last option..

They're not going to get away that easily now.

& I also request others - if something like this happens to you, IMMEDIATELY contact PTA - either through website or phone. Get in touch with regional PTA office.

I wish each exchange had a 'Firecruz' as their DSL officer =@

I am facing similar problem in my office.

As the sun goes high, the problem of of my DSL connection also start to rise. If humidity improves the stability and speed of my connection improves. in Afternoon the DOWN STREAM MARGIN goes very low to 1-2. The connection becomes unstable and some time my IMB connects at 84-200Kbps. I am complaining about the matter for more then 4 months and still there is no remedy. PTCL guys mark my complaints resolved without attending the complaint. I have complained about this behavior t 1218 to operator and still nothing has changed.

I am looking for contacts of higher authority to complain about the matter so that I can get some peace of mind. I'll be thankful if someone give useful advice and contact information of higher ups


Stop wasting your time and switch to an isp that doesn't use phone lines as the medium of transmission.

^ X1000

Qubee is the best option to go with :)

I used that before this PTCL MPLS CRAP

There downstream was always BEST. Over 120Kbps was very normal.

They also had the best coverage... :P Don't know whats going now as it is PAKISTAN things THINGS ALWAYS get ******-** here

Just a point: I'm on Micronet and last year, I had massive ping issues. Lodged a complaint, nothing was done about it, and they marked it closed themselves. Then I called them up again and told them that it's not closed cause the issue wasn't fixed.

After that, the complaint remained open for...err... a month :P

And I still get the ping issues.

Point being - you're not the only one who's faced this. Others on different companies have faced this issue too - and that too, in Islamabad!

Well it seems they did fix up my line because it is stable after that till this date.

Izkhan, contact PTA:

Give as much detail in the complaint as possible.