Ptcl givez nothing to 1MB user

admin and mod plzz read it ......its a different topic

hi frndz

this is not good news that ptcl is not update 1m users ...........

ptcl is not dealing good wid 1m user as i say

the user on 1m + iptv got speed =4m or 5m

the user on 2m got up to 4m

as price

1MB =1199 NOW => 1MB

2MB=1999 NOW =>4MB

SO if we see 1m user paying more then 2m user like 200 per month but ptcl dont up there speed......


the user on 1m got thanga thats not good soo user on 1m i requst u that call 1236 PTCL CS and 4wrd ur complan bec all other user got banefit from this news but 1m user got nothing ............ if all 1m user do this i think ptcl wll rethink think about there its up to u .....

Its exactly the same topic. People are already talking about this issue on the sticky, so please use that. The same topic spread over multiple threads makes for weak discussion, so its in your own best interest to post where others are most likely to read and reply to it.