PTCL gatway 6mbps.. but on wirelss 1.8 mbps!

I'm connected to my neighbors router. From the router gateway, the connection seems to be 6mbps and 1mbps up. But on wireless, I'm getting a speed of 1.8mbps according to I thought the signal strength is reason behind the slow speed but it turns out that from the connection information, my connection can support speed up to 18mb/sec. Is PTCL ripping him off or what? Its really disappointing.

This could most possibly be signal strength issue ONLY.

What is Windows showing the signal strength?

i'm on ubuntu... well.. i moved to a different location.. the internet is messed up

you can't judge anyways...wat if his package is of 1M or 2M but his modem is synced at 6M...even the possibility of him using IPTV is also present...ask him which package is he using then can be the real picture disclosed.!