PTCL fibre optic availability

Hello people and AoA!

I live in Harley street Rawalpindi and wanted to know if ptcl is providing fibre optic in my area. I called PTCL and the guy said "uhh...ummm....Do u mean telephone line?"... Seriously :/

anyhow, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

^ i didnt know whether my area supports optical fiber, so when i went to exchange to get my router replaced i asked him about optical fiber and told me its available. So just pay a visit to exchange its that simple

That is a good idea...i thought finding out here would be much faster :P

Thanks anywayz...

Okay first all of in my Area Malir Fiber Optical is support i went to Exchange and they are not Providing me I hate Exchange People

They said Your line is Fine and all that BS BLA BLA BLA i hate them i said i need Optical Fiber for my DSL and phone line its Crappy Then after some time they said Your area not supported :S WT !!! they said Its supported first and then not supported lol

Then after 4 days i got a call From PTCL

PTCL guy :Sir are you using PTCL DSL now ? do you need new connection on any other number ?

I said : Yes i need a new connection at my Cousin number but the problem is this my DSL is not working Good and i need optical Fiber ! is my Area Supported

PTCL guy : yes your area is supported you will get Fiber optical Free of cost But first tell me where you want new connection :)

i said : No first upgrade mine and then i will Get new connection :D

then he Instantly DC the call :P

what an A$$ they lie alot only want to Grab Money and no support only Lie !


PTCL is still the same old crap, in a new outfit