PTCL EVO USB gets very hot during operation!

Aoa all,

I have just purchased a PTCL EVO USB. It is working fine, but I have noted that it becomes very hot during operation. After about an hour of continuous use (downloading), it gets too hot to touch.

Is this dangerous for the USB device ?

Is this dangerous for my laptop?

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

No it isn't..... the backend part of the modem gets hot and what do u expect... if it working over time it will... the usb port part doesnt get very hot..... its designed for that still if ur scared of it, use the extension wire that came with the modem....

any way to use this evo usb on roof top? :D


Its true ... only the black part of the device gets hot ... while the rest of it is fine ...

so ... I guess its nothing to worry about ...

thanx ..