PTCL EVO usb - blink light becomes red - 153kbps

I have recently got the PTCL EVO. For the past few days, I got average 200 KB/s download, which is enough for my requirements. It normally connects at 3.1 mbps (max supported) and green light blinks on the usb device.

However, I noted that after constantly using the internet for 8+ hours, the usb device temperature increases and it becomes hot. The color of blinking light on the usb is now red (instead of green). The download speed also drops from 200/300 KB/s to 20/30 KB/s. And when I try to disconnect the internet and connect again, it gets connected at 153 kbps (screenshot attached).

And if I disconnect the usb device, leave it for 10-15 min and connect again, it will connect at 3.1 Mbps, green light will blink and I get good download speed again.

Is this issue related to the usb device? Is this speed drop linked somehow with the usb device getting hot?


Keep it in the freezer. :D just kidding don't ever do that. It's simple either use the net in a A/C room or else under a fan.

We tested and found the PCMCIA card better performing than USB device

I can use it in A/C room, but yesterday it rained a bit and weather was fine in isb/rwp and there was no need of A/C. But still, for 8-10 hours, the blinking light became red. Had to disconnect the device for 10 min and after that it was all fine again.

Has anyone ever seen the red blinking light on the ZTE PTCL EVO USB? I can't find anywhere in the help manual what red light stands for.

Apparently your evo usb is connecting with V-phone speed (153.6) & that only happens when there is no EVO connectivity. hmmm......

Yeah, it looks like a vfone speed 153.6. But it only happens after constantly 8-10 hours of usage. I plug it out and connect again and all is well then.

But I am still curious why the blinking light becomes red. Normally, its green when connected at 3.1 Mbps.

Maybe the red light indicates the device is not getting evo signals & is now running on Vphone.

Have you tried calling peetcl helpline?

Loadshedding has it's benefits.

Finally got the reason.

Read light: It is connecting via vfone. And the ZTE software shows 1x on top. And it connects at 153 kbps.

Green light: It is connecting via EVDO. The ZTE software shows EVDO on top and it connects at 3.1 Mbps.

just set the Mode to EVDO in setting on

does it always give u downloading speed of 200kbps? Or goes up too?

h0w d0 u s0lve this pr0blem c0z my ev0 sh0ws red light to0o but n0t after usage 0f 8 h0urs, but it s0mtimes sh0w even if i just plug in..

I have the Huawei EVO device same old 3.1Mbps rated speed. I have selected EVDO mode in settings and if this mode is not available the device never connects. It never switches to other modes on its own.