PTCL EVO SUCKS! Agree or Not

Well Done PTCL and TEAM... They giving crap services to us now and keep spreading and sucking our money EVO sucks through out pakistan. 3.1 or 9.1 mbps, pay 2000 or 3000 'f''uc'k'i'ng speed will remain same, 30kbps per sec even if u got 100% signal streght. and they say Business hours that why, 'f''uc'k' them man, then why they 'f''uc'k'i'ng charging the price for 3.1 and 9.1 mb they should be 'f''uc'k'i'ng charging like how many bandwidth day allocate to us during 'f''uc'k'i'ng day.

I am thier customer since 2009, was bit happy with the overall performance in the beginging as i dont find disconnecting problem, download speed fluctuates alot. But now my device dont even connect :D, 786 Error all the time. I am having this issue since 28 March. Gone to PTCL several times, registered my complain almost each day after checking its not working, eachtime they told me we have forwarded ur complain to TECH. Dont know who the FCUK they are they forwarding complains and they doing 'f''uc'k'i'ng nothing. Now its been 15 days they are unable to solve my Issue, also they asking me to Pay my bill may be that because my device not working even 13th is the last day. In past 2 and half year device never be disconnected before the billing last dater and what funny they 'f''uc'k'i'ng dont know what causing this issue... Please avoid PTCL EVO devices they just making 'f''uc'k'i'ng money. For 3.1 MB connection we should atleast get 200kbps - 300kbps speed all the time. but instead we get avg of 30kbps.. (oh forgot that when my device was working).. PTCL 'f''uc'k'i'ng ASS HOLE.. What Funny, Abdul Rehman Butt, Aliya Nisar heads PTCL i email all of them they also 'f''uc'k'i'ng forward my complain to tech team.. 'f''uc'k'i'ng IMPOTENT TECH SUPPORT AND TEAM.

BY this 'f''uc'k'i'ng I mean "F" "U" "C" "K" "I" "N" "G"

i am well satisfied

Get around 1 Mb/Sec at off peak hours and around 500 KB download at Peak Hours

Probably signal strength in your area or may be your device isn't functioning properly.

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i am well satisfied

Get around 1 Mb/Sec at off peak hours and around 500 KB download at Peak Hours


You seem to be only satisfied customer.

EVO also works fine for me. All the benefit I see in this device is coverage. If I am browsing at good speed, then I am ready to pay.

And that what sucks for me.No coverage! Frequency changing stuff suckx

Agreed, it is terrible. I returned my Nitro device after 6 days of use. Apart from the one single time where I got a download speed of around 350 kb/s, the average speed throughout was well below 100 at all times. Not to mention the browsing was choppy and the connection wasn't stable at all. Just hoping they refund my money on time. If anyone actually needs wireless portability, they should probably go for evo 3.1, no point paying an extra 1000 rupees a month for the same usb rebranded as Nitro.