Ptcl evo speed issue in sialkot cantt

I am user of Ptcl evdo in sialkot and i am living in cantt of sialkot my problem is that i am having download rate of ptcl evdo at 0.53mbps and upload rate of 1.2mbps and i m the nearest most person to the ptcl BTS in sialkot.Plz anyone who is living in sialkot can tell me wat speed he is getting and tell me that what is the problem with my evo or ptcl BTS.plz help brothers...

mere bhai ptcl evo ka all pakistan me yehi problem he. plzz try to take dsl connection. evo ki website se aap read karen. unki average speed 40 to 60 KBps hi he. 0,53mbps mean 53KBps. you are getting normal speed.

yarr paer 5days before i was getting total 3.1mbps and download speed of 347kbps and wat is wrong with ptcl evo nowadays .Are u also a victim of the speed issue of ptcl evo and for how long u r getting this problem.

im using evo from last 6 months. 375kbps speed was in start of days.

in fact. ptcl has installed equipment for 64 users at a time with full speed. and when users increased from 64. the speed becomes down. and now in a normal exchange almost 200 to 300 users use evo in one time. forthis the speed reduced to 50kbps dl. andafter every day it will more reduce.


Yarr check my pings are they alright if so then why i am not getting full speed .PLZ HELP BRO ....

yarr tell me the problem..



I can think of one thing if you are living in Cantt. MOst areas of cantt has problem with mobile phone signals too, and this has something to do with the army.

And one thing we are much close to border and in Pakistan border cities aren't much facilitated with wireless services, like will have always problem with FM,mobile,Tv etc. Except if you are living in the city.

Anyways get a DSL broadband.

Bro mein yehi to arz ker raha hoon ke in the past 5days i was getting speed like hell 347kb/s at the same place i called 1218 they said there is noise reduction of signals in your area they said change ur place i went to saddar in my car and checked it on my laptop there it is the same then i went to there office there it was also same.then wat is the problem with them.

Then this is the everlasting problem with PeeTCL. PeeTCL simply sux but it is still best in Pakistan! :)

what u think about the problem wat should be the problem one of my friend said to me that it may be the problem with their bts

I am also now not able to connect on 1X connection mode of PTCL EVO RYT NOW and signals are also going up and down again and again ..

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Upgrade your Nitro Firmware to v 4.8.8.

Here is the link

I did and my performance increased :)


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I am also now not able to connect on 1X connection mode of PTCL EVO RYT NOW and signals are also going up and down again and again …

Hmm…try changing ur location, sometimes it happens might be due to some network disturbance


@masters I have changed mine locality 5times i took that device on my laptop with me in whole city but it doesnot increases and that upgrade is for evo nitro usbs or it is also for zte red black usb will it work on that software.

hmmm ...well bro its for Nitro


okay thnx i was getting confused to install the software or not to install.



day by day it is getting down and down one day will come it will be at 0.1mbps and 0.0mbps