PTCL EVO REV B Speedtest results ONLY


If you have PTCL EVO REV B, please post your speedtest and pingtest results here. I have heard that EVO Rev B is similar to Rev A in terms of speed... However, if anyone of you is getting good Rev B speed, I 'd like to know


Speed varies place to place ....whats your location?


After the collapse plzz post ur speedtest i think some improvement on nitro speed by ptcl post it plz what u r getting..

Masters, I m in Rawalpindi.. PLEASE post your speedtest of nitro.. are you getting any increase in speeds.. because i am getting really good speeds on EVO RevA since the last two weeks. it's giving me 1 mbps constantly... So i was wondering if nitro rev b is giving anything.

yeah i'm curious too...there was a huge opening and advertisement all over lahore about this nitro...soo post ur results!

My speed down graded to avg 256 kbps since 2 November but now since yesterday m getting around average 2 mbps but speedtest result varies with actual result. On torrents i gets 2 mbps :)



@master Bro i think u can complaint to ptcl on 1218 and tell him about ur speed i wish they will resolve speed prob when before problem on ptcl network i was got 2.6mbps after the resolve all over network of ptcl evo i m getting for 4mbps smoothly

Koolest you getting 4mbps on Nitro???? please clarify