PTCL EVO Nitro Rev B Devices not available

I went to PTCL OSS today and asked them to upgrade to Nitro Rev B. The guy at the OSS told me not to go for Nitro Rev B because there is no difference in speed whatsoever. He also told me that devices are out of stock and the production has been halted for Nitro devices.. So there will be no Nitro devices for at least 4 months.

He asked me to keep EVO Rev A and don't upgrade because this is just a marketing ploy that PTCL has introduced to gather money..

I am sick and tired of PeeTCL.. What the heck is the problem with them.. I wish someone could come up with 10 MB for 3000 rs. and slap PTCL hard..

hmm whats you location?



I am in Rawalpindi.. and I visited saddar OSS.

Hmm....sad but its good for you bcuz many Nitro users are not happy with its service.... Allah saved you :)


I am a nitro user. At times it gives u satisfactory output (good speed) but over all yes its same as the Rev A.

I wud say not to buy it as yet. PTCL is giving out these USBs without proper infrastructure in place. In other words they r making money. Allah knows when they'll come up with the required infrastructure.

Thanks a lot Masters and Ahmed Ali Shah.. Thank you very much for providing your personal experiences. Really Allah saved me. He is very compassionate :)

I hope PTCL comes up good infrastructure.. They just don't care about us which is mean...!


Agreed with Ahmed Ali Shah

Using Nitro since one month but didn't noticed much change. When I bought this device it was the last device @ respective OSS.


^ Everyone is crying because of these ISP's ehhe...ptcl is at the top :P