first time poster, long time lurker here. ive been using evo revA 3.1 ever since the launch and ive got one of those old black ZTE devices. performance has been ok all these years but now im having a major issue.

signal strength is full, however it seems that from 10 days now, my download speed has been capped to 30 kbps! it was 60kbps for a couple of days, but now its at 30. does anyone here know if PTCL is throttling bandwidth? could there be a problem with my device?

i can post Speedtest results if someone wants.


hi and thankyou for that prompt reply.

so youre saying that ptcl is not throttling bandwidth?

also, ill be getting one of the newer devices tonight and will check it at my location. fingers crossed. lets see what happens.

Hey Ari, i am facing the same problem since last 10 days.

tell me in which city you are using it.

I think ptcl's evo nitro 9.3mb (rev B) has failed to attract new clients.becoz it was giving same speed as evo3.1mb

But evo 3.1 mb(rev A) was doing great.

Now they have capped the bandwidth for rev A evo 3.1 mb. to sale their evo nitro.

dnt use ur device for a day or 2 and then ur speed will b good again just leave it aside for 2 days u can see some answers of us discussing that in evo thread as well as ive shown my devicez speed when its being constantly used and when its not just post about this over there and i can confirm ptcl is not throttling bandwith not in jhelum pindi isb and a few more places ive been in the last few days i cant et over 30kbps when my device is excessively used too like 20+ hours so just give it a rest for 1-2-3 days and see if it makes difference

just connected and pleased to c the speed

let's c it drops or not after some time.


okay nothing seemed to happen, somehow i managed to not to use my device for 2 days, nothing worked out.. the speed is shitty as it has been since past 8 days, max speed 30-40kb , min speed 1-2 kb, this is really messed up, i am calling them since the last past 5 days, and everyday they tell me do that do that, change yr network setting to, hybird or evdo , they gave me dns, alternate dns, and nothing worked, and then they provided me with a ip optimizer software and asked me to run it, but nothing seemed to work, now 2 today in the morning around 8 i called them, and they said within a few minutes you will receive a call from the technical department , pick the call and tell them and they will fix your issue, 22hrs have past and nobody called me.. anyone? any ideas? or solutions that whats wrong? with them? i was getting more than 3mb on evo, and now i am getting 0.46 dl and .20ul ..

and i totally agree with nouman khan, they have definitely degraded the quality of rev a , so that people may shift to rev b. cause noones buying it, cause it really sucks and not only that rev a was providing much more speed and bandwidth than rev b!

May Allah save us from these, money leechers, greedy lame people, who dont know anything except to loot people and play with them.. and the only goal of them is to achieve profit on any means, false info providers, false adverstisments, technical departments, telephone exchange centres, all corrupted lame people. i hope the day comes soon, that we dont have to get around with people like them, ameen!

this is the current speed, at 6:03 in the morning, and at this time i used to get 2.99 or even more then 2.99kb!

Evo has introduced from 12th November "Fair usage policy" which means that if you are using unlimitted package 1999/month then when you download upto 10GB your speed will automatically be degraded and you would not be able to get speed more than 30 kb downloading speed.and once you will download upto 15 GB then you would not be able to get more than 15kb .you will be shifted to Dial up connection . Enjoy the fastest speed provided by PTCL !!!!!!!!!:)


im getting 60kBps right now :/

i called 1218 and they told me about this policy.

Let's boycott eVo

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Evo has introduced from 12th November “Fair usage policy” which means that if you are using unlimitted package 1999/month then when you download upto 10GB your speed will automatically be degraded and you would not be able to get speed more than 30 kb downloading speed.and once you will download upto 15 GB then you would not be able to get more than 15kb .you will be shifted to Dial up connection . Enjoy the fastest speed provided by PTCL !!!:)

i have three evo devices and m going to boycott against this policy will never recharge it again .we pay 2000 to get speed not Dial up !! :)


This is not beyond the depth of greediness PTCL can go, and plus I have noticed my speed limited to 65KBps since yesterday. It used to go up to 100KBps+ for a few hours of early morning before, but not now. I will wait for a few days to see if this is indeed being restricted, and then start looking for alternatives. 10GB cap is BS, when the average speed I get is ~50KBps anyway for 2000/month

Hello! My name is Usman and I live in North Nazimbad, Karachi. I'm having the same problem as you guys that even though I'm getting full signals, my speed won't go above 30 kbs. I have tried everything and called 1218 many times but to no avail. I guess what some people have said about fair usuage policy are right. I'll wait a few days and see waht happens, it could be some problem from PTCL's side.

Ptcl customer service representative are so clever they do not talk about "Fair usage policy" Ptcl also not yet uploaded any news about this policy on the website .Ptcl was suppossed to inform their customers but they did not inform to avoid losing customers .just call 1218 and ask them what is Evo fair usage policy they will let you know about the policy. Worldwide All ISPs Before imposing such policy Let all the customer know . These policies are imposed by the companies which are charging 4 to 5$

per month for 20Mbps.Even they capped the speed Just at the peak hours(6pm-11pm) not 24 hours Like PTCL where as PTCL is charging 24 to 25$ per month for 3.1 Mbps!!!!!

fair usage policy? wtf is that? whats the point then in getting a unlimited package for 2000rs, thats crap, tht if i hit 10gb, it will degrade more! nice.. they have proved how lame and shitty and greedy they can be, i was wondering and after reading your post i checked the website, but there is no news there regarding such manner, i was trying to call right now but nobody is picking up the call.. nvm! as soon as they pick up, ima just going to ask them to fix it right now.. if they dont i will just deactivate my connection and move on to a alternate option.. boycott against them, dont buy their products or devices or dont get their lame connections if they are doing this with their consumers, manufacturers or producers who dont care about their consumers and only seek profit , exist not for a long time.. they will be doomed pretty soon..

2000 for 30kb really sucks, its better i switch back to cable net, 500/month.. speed more then 200kb!

call them and ask them to fix your speed too.. and if they dont, simply just boycott against them.. and stop using their devices , deactivate accounts and they will realize what they have done!

Cant argue with these thieves and robbers. Its a waste of my time. I will just try to get another frieking thieving company in the hopes that it actually steals a little less from me this time. Welcome to this country where !@#$%^& companies change their plans mid month after they have stolen your money and then will not tell you about it even if you call and then they make you hold on their fictitious technical department. This country seems to be a growing virus world over in everything which has even infected the corporate culture of doing business. What future would you expect when a huge company would take 15 days of my hard earned money and give me 30kb's and no answer as to why?

after reading your reviews & discussion guys i am unable to write something else, i know this isn't enough for f***'g ptcl....there is nothing left to stay on....their each and every offer , service is fake and full of unresolvable flaws, they are cheating people like there is nobody to strap these morons... where is PTA...???? tell me guys our discussion here would effect ptcl??? noway, but our actions against ptcl will...

individually or in conformity please take steps against them , i am gonna boycott Ptcl wireless broadband (EVO) and there is one thing that can stop me is ptcl's boycott from cheating their customers...

the only thing we can do is to spread this policy to all our friends about their policy so that they come to know before recharging .and let the friends know so that they would not be tempted by ptcl fake packages...boycott them.they should know the value of customers .we are not begging them .we pay reasonable amount for their packages .prices of Evo are the greatest in the world .in uk sky is providing 20MBps connection for just 7 pounds per month without fair usage policy.

I called 1218 and they told me that the fair usage policy has not been applied and the reason people are getting slow speed is due to problems in bts which according to them will be resolved soon. I'm waiting for awhile and if they have implemented the fair usage policy then PTCL will lose me as there customer.

^They are telling lame and totally false excuses.... i am observing this issue.... i have recharged it 4 days ago... i have read about this policy after two days of recharging and ever since i am looking onto it....... this morning i hitted 10 gb of volume, before it my speed was like above than 250kbs and rite after an hour it degraded to 64.0 kb/s... noway to increase it , i have checked it in kot of ways....speedtests, online streaming, torrents , downloading.....

although upload speed is quite the way it should be... the problem is with down-link....