Ptcl evo device return?

Hi guys. Im thinking about buying evo connection however i will only be abe to use it for 4-5months until my brother returns from abroad so i will have to share internet. Now my question is whose property is this evo device if i discontinue its service after few months will i have to return the device to ptcl??? If yes will they return me full Rs.4000 amount?? If don't take it back can it be sold to anyone else??

Please tell me how it goes.

Its ur property totally and they doesn't take it back. But you can sell it to some one else by transferring its ownership.


^ thanks for the info masters :)

You Welcome :)


But its in the name ID of original buyer.Doesn't it create problems when you sale it?

^ yup i guess it will but i will try to sell it to some friend or otherwise just keep it i think the price is not that much to worry about. Plus i will be paying at a discounted Rs.1000/mth for evo usage.

Well, I think its ownership should be transferred. One should confirm it from their CSS or OSS.