Ptcl Evo Burning Smell

Yesterday i was using internet and i smelled that something is burning and when i smelled my Ptcl Evo ZTE AC2726.It was melting its outercover.

And it happened due to those errors coming in the Wireless Terminal Status.their were 2000 error.

It looks like that these errors generate when their is Connection Drop.

Do help me.Plz what should i do.

i am also not getting enough speed from last 6months.

Crap Ptcl Evo

There is only one solution to burning problems, use it at some cooler place or at least left the fan running while leaving the room. This error problem is not only yours problem but all ZTE dongle users. Crap company has produced the shitt. Sometimes, my error status goes beyond 200 errors but the good thing is, with such a high number of errors, data has never gone corrupt. I have downloaded several software and videos and other stuff but not a single one ever gave me trouble.