PTCL EvDO Speed in Peshawar

I want to bring into the notice of the forum members, the trick being played by PTCL EvDo in Peshawar. Theoretically the service claims to offer upto 3.1Mbps speed but in Peshawar, PTCL Wireless network runs on 450 Frequency which is used by CDMA 2000 Technology, so the speed being offered is the same which is offered by Vfone and that is 153 Kbps.

I bought a EvDO USB device from jamrud Road franchise of PTCL, and to my astonishment the maximum speed which I got was 15 Kbps, sometimes the burst goes upto 36-38 kbps but on average the speed logged is at 15 kbps. I tried it in University Town, Hayatabad, Cantt area and Charsadda Road area and it was the same. So tower proximity didnt make a difference.

I am planning to sue PTCL for this fraudulent advertising but then the cost of suing them will be 30 times more than this damned EvDo service device.

My advice to fellows from Peshawar is to be aware as the pTCL service doesn't support wireless broadband on their primitive network in Peshawar

Dr Raza long time no see! Yes few members did post it here before, exposing the fraudulent tactics used by PTCL in Peshawar. Are there are no proper functional consumer courts in Pakistan :S

Yes, Ehti, I was not around for quite some time. There is a law for consumer protection but the problem is that justice is so expensive that just for a 4000-6000 ruppees thing, you have to spend 15-20 times more to get back what you spent. Not an economical deal by any standard.

yeh dats why i always fear to buy evo here