Ptcl effing up again?

It randomly goes slow during the day, with speeds sinking as low as 1 or 2 mbps. I checked and my line stats are as good as ever. Anyone else facing such an issue?

left PTCL a year now … my suggestion get rid of PTCL now get some alternate … mobilink Zong 4G available if you dont have any wired services…

Thanks for the input but nothing can surpass PTCL. I don’t face any problems except every now and then. I have a 16 Mbps connection which works flawless 24/7 and none of those sissy wana be 4G providers can come close to offering that, price wise or speed wise.


I am also facing same issue. I have 8mbit connection over copper with IPTV. When I got connection, only copper was available here, however, now I think they have optic in my area as they had sent pamphlets few days back.

I have been, more or less, satisfied with PTCL. Especially with unlimited account which my family heavily use for streaming.

I am in Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Where are you located? Just asking to check whether this issue of PTCL is nation wide or isolated to one particular area.

Had frequent slow down problems with 8 MBPS PTCL in Islamabad. Only saving grace was unlimited downloads. Then tried Zong MBB which claims upto 150 MBPS but in reality it is as bad as PTCL plus has limited downloads (24-50 GB/mo). Finally went to Nayatel 5 MBPS which is steady and consistent (although it also has download limit restrictions). Other advantage of Nayatel is that 5 MBPS is available for both upload and download, whereas PTCL packages cap uploads at 1 MBPS.

how much you paying for 16 MBPs?

5k a month with free PTCL calls bunch of other free services.

hemm what if i told you i am paying 2850/- for 35Mbps which doubles at night :slight_smile: get rid of PTCL thats what i know, PTCL lines are never reliable

Yea yea, we all know your life shattering experience to get that stupid internet to work with a wait for 1 year, from an unknown unprofessional company managed by lunatics and coverage limited to only some random part of Lahore probably to facilitate terrorists cells with hi speed internet hidden around those areas. Nothing to brag about it lol. I’m happy with my 16 mbps.

well everything comes with a price internet companies are never perfect in Pakistan but i can say now that sometime you know how to sort problem like in case of PTCL your best friend is the Line man … :stuck_out_tongue:
i am quaite happy 1 year i am using its and it is far better experience compared to 4 years of DSL pain :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways good luck if you have not better FTTH available DSL is the only hope :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your whole experience with FiberNet.

Both the pros and cons.

Now members are in a position to make educated and well-
informed decisions about whether to switch from PTCL.

Hope you will continue to keep us abreast of any new develop-
ments on that score.


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