PTCL DSL vs Wi-tribe

Need suggestion



(2Mbps, Unlimited)

Charges = 1550 + 250 + tax?



(1.5 Mbps, Unlimited means 40GB policy)

Charges = 1600 + 100 + 330 = 2030 per month

Need advices. Currently done have landline and using wi-tribe 1 Mbps Unlimited but in trouble due to 30GB limit policy now :@

Get in touch with your neighbor who is using PTCL DSL.

To be honest there is no way you can compare Wimax with DSL service. Wireless will always be limited while DSL offers unlimited data plus most of the time guaranteed speeds.

I have used both. PTCL speed only drops on weekend (nights) while you get the same speed almost throughout the week.

WiTribe speed is terrible/ I get the 1.5Mbps package and only got that speed from 8AM to 10AM. THe rest of the way it was only jumping from 256Kbps to 750Kbps which is pathetic.

Try Wateen wimax instead... they are offering 1Mbps unlimited (1000GB) per month for 1,780 Rupees.

I am using it for the past 4 years.

I'll second the suggestion to see if your area has Wateen coverage, and test if you get consistent speeds. If data caps are your issue, then Wateen is you best bet. Even PTCL's 4MB has 300GB FuP, while you can exceed that with even a 1.5MB Wateen connection at ~1970/month.