PTCL DSL running dead slow 15 November 2016

I can exactly recall but at least for couple of days it is running dead slow under my Modem Admin it is showing my actual speed which is 1 MB but I am shocked that at any internet speed test it is showing 0.17 MB to 0.19 MB , So I just want to confirm is it only me or there is again some general slow speed issue


  • Pick up receiver of your telephone and see if there is any noise

  • Keep receiver on hold and do a speed test

  • Open modem page ( and check the Errors, Attenuation and SNR and share them here.

  • Connect directly to your computer through ethernet cable then do a speed test (don’t use wifi , use lan basically)

Make a complaint on 1218

Why even bother. Get rid of DSL and get something suitable instead. Caps sucks, but I’m all up for quality over quantity.

is this ok ?

Downstream SNR margin, if consistent over time, is quite good. I suspect it is PTCL ONU connection? Upstream SNR margin is nearing the limit of usable connection. If it further decreases (<100), it might result in frequent disconnections.