PTCL DSL Port 80 Block and redirection


As far as I have read and understand is that PTCL has blocked port 80 on the DSL WAN IP addresses, hence we cannot run a webserver at home connected machine and reach it from any where, by registering its domain name with any free DNS mapping service.

Earlier I used to access my home network quite often from work for all the services including VPN, OwnCloud File Storage, Remote Desktop and so on, however this luxury is now stopped .

I did try to use the port redirect option by settings my home router to enable its WebUI via HTTP on port 8080 and enabled the free DNS record to redirect on it, however still no luck.

On the other hand I tried simply sending ping to my home DSL WAN IP address and got no reply, which makes me think that if the PTCL has blocked all incoming connection or ICMP pings to DSL WAN IPs.

Is it the case with everyone or has anyone tried with a similar setup to check it.

I know I can get a fixed IP from PTCL by some additional monthly charges, is the port 80 open on such fixed IP.

Thanks for your answers.

maybe its time for you to purchase a static ip from PTCL.

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maybe its time for you to purchase a static ip from PTCL.


Thank you very much for advice. Seems like you have a good understanding of the "obvious", instead of the question asked :-).

  1. Run you local web server on a non-standard port (e.g. 12345)
  2. Forward that port in the router.
  3. Get free dynamically updating dns.
  4. Access your dynamic host-name with port appended at the end e.g;
  5. In case you experience problem, it could be that your router is replying internally itself to the request. In this case, it will be working perfectly for requests from outside. You may access the url via an online proxy to test.