PTCL DSL modem help - urgent!

Salam to all,

I'm a new member here.

I'm using 1mbps connection and OS is windows 7. I have been using shiro modem provided by ptcl. Now its not working. It connects to the internet, works for around half hour, heats up, disconnects and then doesn't connect until remain switched off for hours.

PTCL union is on strike for GOD knows how many days. So I'm thinking of getting a better quality modem from market as I have heard that they are better than the ones provided by ptcl (true?).

If other modems from market are of better quality and reliability than ones provided by ptcl then kindly advise me that which one should I go for. Do mention its approximate price. Range is Rs. 2k-5k. I don't need any wireless feature. Just a modem that has better performance and reliability.


P.S. I am a layman when it comes to electronics and networking. So kindly talk to me in simple english. :)


PTCL are doing it deliberately because of the internet light has been red since the strike but internet works for couple of minutes and then get disconnects. i have couple of others modems tested and all of them are having same problem. this is back end issue and will be solved once strike is need to change the modem.

very childish act by ptcl. i am going to maxcom now.

Thanks Sumair for your reply. My perception was same as yours until yesterday when I borrowed my friend's zte modem. It worked perfectly all the night long. I kept inserting line into my shiro but it never worked. That led me to the conclusion that my modem is faulty. Moreover, my friend's internet is also working fine during this strike.

there is very slim chances of modem being faulty. some ptcl modems act very strangely and never sync with DSLAM for unknown reasons until you restart them.

hey super if u need some more my post here..i described problems for shiro and solution.. one solution i forgot to mention in there was that adsl modulation should be g.dmt others give problem of it and ull know exactly whats wrong with ur shiro modem...and yeah after the fix i described there i have been using it without any problems..

from the bottom 4th post..