PTCL DSL : Modem Hang and power reset - Benefits of Bandwidth Upgrade


During and after this upgrade of bandwidths at PTCL, I am experiencing random modem hangouts in which the modem send/receive lights hangs soild (stops blinking). In such case the modem reboot command (via the Web Interface) does not usually works and I have to manually power reset the modem. This is fine if I am at home all the time, however usually since I am accessing the home network from the office, it becomes a rather daunting task.

I am trying to find an automatic way of doing it, and have almost completed, will post the a how-to about it as well if possible. Will involve router modification with custom firmware (tomato or DD-WRT) and some basic electronics.

By that time , Is anyone else having the same kind of troubles with the PTCL DSL service lately.

I am connected to Azizabad Exchange Karachi.


The problem seems to be with your modem and not PTCL!

Yes faulty modem. Is it the blue zte one?

Well the modem is a good one and have used for 3 years now. Its Aztech D602U i guess or something similar.

Which is the best ADSL mode. I have now kept it to G.DMT. Earlier it was Auto selection.

Any ideas.

sorry to sah and strikerx . alterego i m also from karachi and a dsl technician visited my place its because of dslam when ur connection updated u will not face . i also faced this issue but when i degraded to from 4 to 1mbps . i have mt880 and also zte both did the same problem

Same is with my connection.

Lights stop blinking and downloading stops, but after rebooting everything is back to normal.

Having the same problem since last week or so..

so AlterEgo tell us the solution.. :P

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so AlterEgo tell us the solution… :P

Working on that (in spare time out of busy life and times).

Will update as soon as something is materialized.

The solution is anyways not an easy one, and would require scripting to be done on the Linksys router with custom firmware, basic electronic circuit and its understanding and of course deforming and peeling the cable of the power adapter of the DSL modem.

So it would not be much widely acceptable and workable anyways.

Ok may GOD help you in this....

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Ok may GOD help you in this…

Allah has already been always helpful. Just have to connect the circuit to the power adapter of the DSL modem. The Router would detect the internet ping check every minute and if the internet is not reached due to DSL modem hang up, the router will switch off the power adapter and then back on again for a cold reset of the DSL modem.

So what about circuit design..???

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So what about circuit design…???

To be honest I dont know it myself. I have got it made from a friend who is an electronics engineer. And it is working perfectly. It is based on a small photo resistance activated by light (which would be the Linksys front light called SES) which is controlling a transistor which is controlling a 12v relay connected to the power adapter lead of the DSL adapter. The light is controlled by giving low-level commands to the router for GPIO pins.

For linksys WRTSL54GS the GPIO pins 4 and 5 control the front amber and white light. Have configured a Cron job inside the tomato interface to control the GPIO pins to activate and flash the lights based on internet connectivity.

I dont know the electronic details of the circuit since I am zilch in that, however networks/tomato/technical hacks/geeks time wasters is my hobby, even though i am not basically skilled for that too :-).



Dude me too is doing Electrical Eng 3rd year student at FAST-NUCES lahore :P that's why i asked the concept.... ;)

Now got ya..!! i will try it myself too now :D

same with me....

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Dude me too is doing Electrical Eng 3rd year student at FAST-NUCES lahore :P that’s why i asked the concept… ;)

Now got ya…!! i will try it myself too now :D


Well thats a bad way to hack an idea… :wink:

^ok sorry if you mind it.... :(

Get it patent to your own name... ok? :)

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^ok sorry if you mind it… :(

Get it patent to your own name… ok? :)


No offense taken man…just kidding…have fun.

Do post it when you get it working, cause I will be putting it to work tomorrow (or any free day in my life).

Will share anything else which comes along…

^ cool :cool:

i didn't started it yet.

A bit busy these days in my other project....

This PROJECT thing really SUCKS... :(

shero was the best for me but the new ant1020 is a bad exeperience