PTCL DSL @ Home : Dead after the rains

Hello All,

Thanks to Allah we were saved by the possible massive destruction the storm would have caused.


PTCL DSL 2MB line @ Home from Azizabad Exchange is dead after the rains. Telephone line works fine for the voice communication. No line noise and everything just as it was before the rains.

The modem light keeps blinking and syncs itself and even becomes soild as if it is connected. However the modem never gets an IP address and hence no internet usage is possible.

Anyone else with similar issues. Please guide as to what is the remedy.

I know the help line and customer services would already be flooded with requests.


So you mean the modem syncs corretly but you can't get internet access. I suggest try changing dsl modulations, it helps sometimes. i.e. if you are synced at ADSL2+, try changing it to g.dmt or vice versa but my guess is the problem is more of a backend issue.

Betweem, what snr values and line attenuation you have? DSL and telephone runs on different frequencies, its common for me that my telephone gets dead (i.e. no dial tone at all) while internet works fine and sometime i have dsl issues while telephone is ok. The common between both is that they only use single line.

I am in lahore and its dead too after bloody rains and storms.

My dsl at home also dead from north karachi exchange.After complaining for a week exchange person come to my home and only ask that" if line is working and the only problem is with dsl link."I have already told that in my complaint.I think they all PTCL staff work not on normal complain but after giving lots of complaints.