PTCL DSL | Here's what I have seen so far


I have been visiting this site from long but today I thought to register myself properly. I've been using PTCL DSL from 2 years without any problems except for the last 3 months. I am a website designer and own a couple of websites and an experienced Game Server modder.

Here is my problem in short :

I am using 1 mb PTCL Connection . Since PTCL has upgraded their DSL to 4MB on the 15th of July, I started to face problems. Pings suddenly went to 1200-1500 and about 3-4 kb/s download speed. I was using Zyxel modem. PTCL guy came after about 1000 calls to helpline and fixed the problem partially. The problem was, Zyxel modem's when PPPoE'd give off high pings and slow speeds but when bridged, they worked fine. However, with Shiro modem, PPPoE and Bridge connections "both" worked perfectly fine. Same problem was observed by my Cousin living in Abu Bakar Block - Garden Town Exchange. However, Ahmad block was working completely fine. PTCL fixed this issue by just changing modem's of every house in the block and assigned Shiro modems to them. But the problem isn't completely fixed from 3 months and I have been calling them since 15th of July. The problem is actually Download Speed Variations, Ping ( latency ) variations and stuck browsing.

Sometimes everything is good specially between 12AM - 7AM. Full speed with stable pings. But other times usually, Pings vary by 100-200. Like 1st ping is 180, 2nd one 300 and 3rd one 400. So much variations would obviously affect the download speed and browsing too. PTCL people do nothing to solve this problem. My and my cousin who live in separate houses closely in the same block both experience same problems. When my speed is 105kb, he has the same. When I drop to 20kb download speed, he drops to the same. This proves : THE PROBLEM IS WITH PTCL EXCHANGE and not with my computer or modem. I am fed up of revising my Attenuation values, DNS etc to them on phone again and again. All what they do is ask the values and when they find everything is fine, they give me a new complaint number on every call and forward my call to the Supervisor. I even gave them a threat of a legal notice from high-court but they are just dumb ass people.

I believe, the day PTCL will fix the Zyxel modem PPPoE connection problem, everything will get fixed automatically. Either they can't bear the load of 4 mb updated connections on this Abu Bakar Block - Garden Town server and this is happening due to that or either due to some bug in their server back end which they do not plan to fix. Even today after 3 months, Zyxel modems cant be used with PPPoE connection because they give 1500 ping.

Also, they sometimes had regular browsing issues on the Garden Town exchange which were fixed on the same days but my issue is totally separate. PTCL always mixed my issue to the current issues and did nothing.

What do you guys say ? Do you have any phone numbers or Emails of the higher PTCL management who can consider my complaint properly and fix the issue regarding it .

Replies would be appreciated..

well , in my opinion u should switch to wateen usb......

Thanks for the opinions but I won't be using anything wireless due to signal distortions and packet loss. Also, PTCL is the best in town when its working fine and indeed the worst when not!

I have seen LDN too which is the 2nd after PTCL. It has no stability. Peak times involved. Day speed is slow. While PTCL is fully stable when it works fine and the worst when causes problems. So I won't be switching but rather plan to fix the problem.

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Thanks for the opinions but I won’t be using anything wireless due to signal distortions and packet loss. Also, PTCL is the best in town when its working fine and indeed the worst when not!

I have seen LDN too which is the 2nd after PTCL. It has no stability. Peak times involved. Day speed is slow. While PTCL is fully stable when it works fine and the worst when causes problems. So I won’t be switching but rather plan to fix the problem.




Nice speed you got there masters. Are you using Fibre ?

An Addition to my problem :

I found out today that the net works fine when in Bridge mode. So here's the deal.

With Zyxel modem PPPoE gives 1500 pings.

With Shiro modem and other modems PPPoE fluctuates the pings, browsing and speed .

Both modems work fine when connected in Bridge mode. But I can't use it on my other PC's. I use my net on 4 PC's at home so PPPoE is the only deal for me lol. Anyone there to help ?


Well said about ptcl ... :)

neways i assume that ur internet works fine with the bridged mode on router or using modem directly....!

if that is the case try forcing DNS settings in ur computer's to those IPs which are assigned when u connect directly via modem/bridge! there is a possibility the router is reaching the wrong dns!.... c if this works for u!.....and also try the google dns and open dns in ur computer's DNS settings!

my personal fav is google dns!

Wel 1st of all thanks for the reply. Andl I have tried that already.

Plus : The DNS just resolves the website and does not do anything about the speed or ping. Its not related to that.

So with Zyxel modem, PPPoE doesn't work at all . With other modems, it works but with a lot of variations in ping, speed & browsing.

And bridge connection works perfectly well on all modems with perfect speed and the most stable pings.

Also its not related to the gateway because PPPoE when connects through 119 or 116's gateway, it works the same and bridge works perfect on both gateways. Also, its just a problem in Abu Bakar block, Garden Town exchange. A few other people in other areas and towns of Lahore I met, observed the same problems with PPPoE but it works fine for a few people either its PPPoE or bridge . So its just a problem in the PTCL server backend with PPPoE of some places.

Please find a fix for it lol.

Or firecruz can you please ask the PTCL GardenTown Lahore exchange for that..

Just to confirm, I had the same issues after the recent bandwidth upgrades. The PTCL tech support guy came in yesterday and told me that the particular modem I had ZXDSL 831CII were not compatible with the network, and then we had to buy a new modem.

I think there was a major ******* up at garden town exchange by the ptcl engineers. It's ridiculous - we bought this zxdsl modem because the 'free' contract period ran out and our older shiro modem bit the dust, just only a month before the upgrades (and ptcl refused to send in a replacement), and now ptcl came with the excuse 'the modem you bought is not compatible with ptcl broadband' (then why the heck was it working perfectly before the upgrades) ?


The modem excuses are just lame.

A PTCL guy came to me too telling me about Zyxel modem. His excuse was that " The mac address of this modem conflicts in the server " so that's why it causes problem lol. Half of the people who come to our homes and those who talk to us on helplines are basically noobs. None of them actually knows how things work. Mac is totally not the cause. If it is, then it should be the same with Bridge mode.

But the real problem is with PPPoE connections and there is no one to fix that. Its been 3 months already.

btw in bridge mode ur modem mac is eliminated (no hop)....first hop from pc is direct to exchange not modem in bridge!

im not sure about this issue as there is no such known case in here but ill try to get some info from lahore if possible!

Ok if it's eliminated but still the MAC is unique :) so should never conflict.

And thanks . Please try to meet the issue as soon as possible.

I'll be waiting..

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Ok if it’s eliminated but still the MAC is unique :) so should never conflict.

And thanks . Please try to meet the issue as soon as possible.


Yeah MAC id is unique. Its in fact unique on a global level. Its amazing how they try to bullshit customers. I really have to wonder how they get away with it? Are most consumers really so clueless?


I laugh at their excuses. They've learnt things by heart and don't even know what do they mean..

wateen is good but wateen dropped the signal manytimes in a day so be careful to take the right decision

No I won't go anywhere except PTCL.

Wireless is always along packet loss .

^ I don't agree. I've been a long time user of PTCL's DSL service. But recent turn of events have elevated my anger and frustration to levels beyond my control. So I've disconnected their service. While there's no doubt that when their service works, nothing comes close to it, but when it comes crashing down, it absolutely is the worst. I've had the first hand experience of their absolute worst service, as well as many others on this forum. After a long period of thinking and contemplation, I've made the switch to wateen. While the choice had not been any easy one, I'm glad it worked out for me, because their uptime has been 100% ever since I bought it. Sure, they throttle torrent speeds on their internet during peak hours and pings are much much higher than I used to play (I play tf2 mostly on MBL servers). Still the quality of service is much better than PTCL. That's what my experience has been so far. Signal strength in my area is average, I get 3 bars at max on 2nd floor, but it hasn't restricted me to achieve full 1Mbps speed. I'm thinking of buying an outdoor AP from wateen to get full signal strength, if it's worth at all. I'll have to ask around.

Its better to have choices when it comes to ISP. PTCL has grown arrogant due to their monopolistic practices, they'll soon learn the hard way, I'm sure of it. When hardcore customers like us leave them, then #$%# will hit the fan.

That's true about PTCL but still I would try to get this solved 1st.

Waiting for you firecruz. It's something at the exchange end or the server which holds up things . Something is mis-configured indeed.