PTCL DSL Erratic Behaviour and Disconnetions

Hello All,

Using PTCL DSL 4MB (not yet upgraded to 8MB niether have the intent to do so at the moment). The connection was working fine till last month or so.

However now it has started behaving quite erratically :

1. Random connection drops.

2. The internet connection light blinking at random intervals.

3. The internet stays connected, however the browsing and the internet data connectivity drops and no data exchange takes place.

I have tried my modem in both PPoE and Bridged Mode (with Asus WL520GU as PPoE dialer), however the behaviour remains the same.

The SNR Upstream/Downstream is 14/26 respectively .

Connected to Azizabad exchange karachi. Has anyone else suffering from the same problem and found a way to get it fixed.

Tried for a complaint at 1218, however there is an introductory voice recording that network is suffering from technical problems of no and slow browsing, so only register complains other than that.....hence didnt proceed ahead.


"no or slow browsing" should be their new slogan rather than "say hello to the future" :P

only way to fix this is to register a complaint, talk to a csr and tell them your modem is getting repeatedly disconnected.