PTCL DSL Connection Disconnection process?


I am using PTCL DSL from last more than 2 years with Shiro Modem, it was going well but from last 2,3 months things have gone very bad. Sometimes DSL light(LED) goes off and sometimes Internet light(LED) turns red ... I have done atleast dozen of complaints , but no use. Even once a lineman came and he said your line is all right , so there is no issue . But my internet doesn't work .

Now I am thinking to cancel the connection, so I need to know what is the process , just a call to 1218 for connection disconnection if enough ? Do I have to return back Shiro modem aswell?

And also what would be the scenario if I after trying Wireless options , I want to go back to PTCL ?



Maverick i face same Issues and I did one thing and all is Now Fixed

do this call 1236 and change your Package from 4 mb to 1 mb

they will change your pairs and Then your Internet will work fine

Then observe your Internet carefully it will not get DC all the time then call 1236 and tell them to do your package to 4 mb

then You will not face DC

and log your complain on PTA today they will do some DANDA and PTCL will solve your Problem fast

I am on 1 mb connection and was thinking to upgrade my connection , but was confused to upgrade to EVO or DSL .

But now with this connection issue , I just dont want to try any product from PTCL ...

Do you think it could be the issue of Modem ?

No its the issue of your Modem

but i had the same issue and i tried 2 modem still the same problem

the problem is from the main Cabinet (lineman can fix it ) and you cant use LDN or any other ISP if your line is not fine

contact PTCL.Call them 24 hours a day and then they will solve your Problem :)